Graduation day

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Last week my 4 years old niece invited me for her graduation ceremony

Today is the day when it holds and I’m spendings the weekend with them to attend it. As expected, my niece is so excited even though she doesn’t know the real meaning of the word ‘graduation’ but she’s excited because she gets to wear a new skirt suit and look pretty.

For an adult, graduating to a higher level in life means much more than a pretty hair and new outfit, it should mean a reward for all the hard work and effort put into an endeavor.

We all go into business, employment, contract, everything we do, not just to experience what is involved in the process but to graduate to another level of knowledge and experience in it

Don’t settle for mediocrity, some people never allow themselves get fully involved with things. Their efforts go unaccounted for because of this attitude. You are more than this.

Whatever you put yourself into, try to make it an endeavor which you intend to gain all the knowledge and experience possible. Then even without a graduation ceremony you will know within you when it’s time to move to the next level

This is a winning attitude which will set you apart for growth and success in whatever you intend to do. It will bring your plans to live and take your goals from paper to reality



Tips for first time business owners

I’m one of those people who enjoys watching soccer. I find it intriguing watching 22 people kicking a ball around a field. It’s something that can produce so many varied emotions in both the spectators and the participant

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The goal of the game is to ensure that the ball doesn’t enter your goal post and to get the ball into your opponent’s net as many times as possible

This game, like many other  popular ones has engaged, excited and captivated viewers for several years till date and it’s not going to stop in the near future because it holds the secret of success within it

Soccer  engages, excites and captivates the attention of spectators and this is what makes a lot of people passionate about it.

Why am I going on and on about soccer? It holds the secret most entrepreneur need for success. When you have a product or service that excites, engages and captivates the attention of a sizeable number of people, you have a product that will definitely do well in the market

Some people get so emotional about their products or service especially first time business owners. They don’t bother to carry out a sample research before starting up a business venture. They believe that if they like a product then automatically everyone else will too.

This is why many first time business owners fail in their attempt to run a business venture. This can usually be avoided if they have the right business or offer the right service

Remember this, if you can engage, excite and captivate a good number of people with your idea, product or service then you are on your way to success in business

Maintaining humility on your way to success

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Humility is one character trait which many people tend to leave behind on their way to success

It is quite uncommon to find a rich person who possesses this trait because wealth often comes with certain circumstances that works against it

But what is humility? Oxford dictionary defines it as the quality of being humble, being humble is having or showing a modest or low opinion of your own importance.

Many successful people want others to know that they are important, they are mostly not satisfied if and when they aren’t noticed. What was the reason for becoming rich in the first place if they won’t be recognised as important? This is the way most of them reason

Many begin to hang out with people of similar financial standing to boost their esteem. They gradually cut off their old relationships/friendships in the belief that they are no longer in their class

There are so many things wrong with the above attitude. When your finances begin to increase you must be determined to raise your level of humility by the same margin because if this isn’t done you will surely become another rich proud person

When this happens you hurt a lot of your old friends and acquaintances who may not be as financially prosperous as you and these are the people who genuinely appreciate you for who you are and not your money or change in financial status

In many cases, riches do not remain static forever, sometimes you may find yourself back to the level you were in formerly. This is not uncommon because some businesses lose clients, some people lose their jobs and some others experience unfortunate circumstances that make them fall back to being middle or low income earners once again

But this time around, you find your close friends whom you hurt are no longer willing to continue the friendship for fear of being hurt again, some of your relations have formed a negative impression about you which will take years to undo, you have hurt the feelings of many lower employees or even your staffs by your inability to empathize with them, etc

As you climb the ladder of success, remember to put on the garment of humility it is priceless and will help you in building new worthwhile relationships while maintaining old ones.



Job tips for people living in rural areas

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I took a short trip to my town in April. Apart from the fact that It was an enjoyable trip, I also felt welcomed by everyone I met during my stay

As I left them behind after two weeks of a memorable stay, chit chatting and catching up with the lives of many of my relatives, I headed back to my abode in the city.

One of the recurring problems that stood out from my conversions with the younger ones was the lack of jobs. These were graduates of universities who had read good courses but still didn’t know why they were without jobs

We had a couple of discussions about this and these are a few reasons why I think some people of them were finding it difficult securing good jobs despite being qualified

  1. They are not where the jobs are: As easy as this seem to figure out, some people can get very emotional about where they live, not willing to leave the warmth of their community for one where they might feel unwelcome. If you want the job then you’ve got to take the leap regardless. As I scrolled down a very popular job website, trying to send them information of job openings, I noticed that many jobs were available but not in that little town because it’s a rural area with sparse population so how can they get the jobs they are qualified for, when they are not where these jobs are?
  2. Some people are not willing to be flexible: If you stay in a rural area with large expanse of land, it’s a good opportunity to start thinking of a change in career plans. You should start thinking about going into farming instead of waiting for a job that is very difficult to come by within the vicinity, this is a good option for people who don’t want to relocate.
  3. Waiting for easy jobs: I called up my cousin to tell him that I had found a job which he seemed qualified for but he wasn’t interested, saying it was hard work. There are no easy jobs available, if jobs were supposed to be easy them employers won’t need to recruit people to do them
  4. Unwilling to do lesser jobs: You might be a graduate but if the positions available are for lower staff, take it. There will most likely be opportunities for you to show what stuff you are made of during the course of your work. It’s better to take it than to turn the opportunity down. Many people have accepted lower positions and stepped up soon after
  5. Laziness: I find some job seekers quite lazy. As a freelancer, I sent over 300 proposals before I got my first job. Never give up, keep at it, don’t be demoralised when you aren’t getting those interview invites, keep fine tuning your CV until you get it right
  6. Do it yourself: some people who seek jobs through my help, only send their CVs and keep waiting afterwards. Sometimes I have so much work load that I forget about them. Unfortunately, it’s not the most important thing on my “To do” list as my own personal priorities tend to come first by default. It’s important to do these things yourself, no one else will take it as seriously as you
  7. They fail to pray. If you are a Christian and you believe in God, then pray. There’s absolutely no harm in doing this. For me, I find insights into a lot of things after praying. Try it, especially when you are in need of a favor

Don’t despise the days of small beginnings

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There was a time in my life when I had to commute daily through a distance of more than 20km to and from my place of work

It wouldn’t have been too bad if I didn’t have to be stuck in traffic for over 4hrs daily or work so hard during the day, I also had to act happy for most of the time because I was meeting customers who needed to see a calm reassured person handling their files

I reached my breaking point several times within that period and it wasn’t like I was earning anything great. I was earning meagerly but I would be entitled to retirement benefits after 5 years so this kept me motivated

Plus my late mum never allowed me to give up. She would tell me to be strong and to never give up. To her, I was learning something that might help me later on and looking back now, I must say it seems she was right

Not only did I get all my entitlements after 5 years but things actually got much better after a while and I didn’t have to go through the stress of enduring traffic or the long journey to my office everyday

I learned some invaluable lessons through staying on in that job. I didn’t enjoy it but I learned to endure, I learned to be patient when things weren’t going my way, I learned to work with people and to adapt to situations where I find myself, aren’t these lessons more than the pay?

Now that I’m in a more different field, I find the above lessons useful to succeed in my task everyday as a business person. It’s something I didn’t envisage when I was living through those times

You might not be where you hoped to be at this time in your life but you can decide to make the most of it by learning from the experience rather than allowing it to frustrate you, don’t complain, you are being trained to reign


How to dress for a corporate interview

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If you are about to attend a corporate interview to get that job you’ve been hoping for, you can’t afford to get this wrong

Humans are known to make judgement based on what we see. There might be more qualified individuals for the job, but if you look the part and they don’t, you stand a good chance of getting it over the others


  1. Don’t forget to take a bath even if you are running late. No one will employ you if they perceive an offensive smell, especially if they have options
  2. You don’t need a new wardrobe, all you need is to know how to match colors appropriately. If you chose to wear a suit, put one with dark colours. Dark blue, brown, green, grey and black will work well. For shirts and blouses, wear white or grey, these colors go well with the color of suit you chose to wear
  3. If you can help it, don’t wear clothes with patterns on them, plain colored clothes tend to make bolder statements about your personality
  4. Wearing a tie for guys is a must, if you want to look as smart as possible
  5. Ladies look good in a skirt suit a bit below the knee, also a dark colored short sleeves knee length dress will look good
  6. Your outfit must be properly ironed to make you look smart and business-like
  7. Your hair should be neat, a simple hairstyle for ladies will do and a clean hair cut for guys will work
  8. Wear comfortable shoes. Don’t put on shoes that makes you walk in an awkward manner. It affects the way you will be perceived and you wouldn’t look so smart
  9. Don’t wear bright colored shoes, chose a dark color that will complement your outfit
  10. Don’t wear too much jewelleries. No need to put on necklaces or bangles. A simple wrist watch and moderate sized earrings for ladies is adequate
  11. Use perfume sparingly. Do not pour it all over your body no matter how nice it smells, some people are allergic to it and your potential employer might be one of them

Dealing with a low self image

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As a child who thrived on validation, I didn’t get much of it

Coming from parents who both had military background, they didn’t understand why I was so emotionally sensitive. Looking back now, I realize that I’m miles apart from that emotional child who needed an explanation for everything.

Being overly sensitive in nature can be a set back to your progress and a havoc to your self image if you don’t learn how to handle it effectively. This can negatively affect your ability to generate wealth as an adult. Researches conducted on people with low self-image showed that majority of them end up poor as adults.

They also attract bullies in childhood. Many kids have taken advantage of other children who appear to be this way and have learned that bullying them gets the reaction they need to keep them feeling good about themselves

We can call out bullies and severely frown at their actions but statistics still show that it leads to suicidal tendencies in victims, also some of the affected people are not willing to share their experiences with anyone, which makes it harder to deal with the problem of bullying

How do you create a shield to protect yourself from those who seek to take advantage of your sensitive nature? A change of your perception, especially of how you see yourself is a good way forward. And this starts by validating yourself and your actions

Eliminating self defeating thoughts is a good beginning. Tell yourself those things you want to hear others say to you. Surround yourself with people who bring the best out of you, people who encourage you, make friends with positive minded people, read books that will expose you to reality and develop a relationship with your Creator

In the case of a child, spending time with an adult who has a positive mindset can help deal with the negative effects of over sensitivity. Participation in out door competition, especially the ones he or she is good at, is crucial in reversing the effects of his sensitive nature

Developing an understanding of human behaviour is very helpful in coming to terms with your expectations of self and others around you