Binary options will build your income without stress

No one knows everything. It doesn’t matter how knowledgeable you are there will always be something new to you. This is why I value options, especially when I am asked a question I know nothing about or when i need to put things in perspective.

I personally find objective questions with given options much easier to deal with  because I can use mental tools like logic, guesswork, and even luck to choose the answer. For most people, the fewer the options the easier it is to arrive at the correct answer.

My good friend Clara credits her present happiness to the choice she made between being a working wife and mother than a stay at home mum. She says her job adds value to her life.

Binary options  are choices made when an investor(trader) picks between two choices “Call” or “Put” options on the price of a financial asset within a specified time. The payoff is usually all or nothing, this means if you get your predictions right you will make a 100% profit on your investment, and if your predictions are wrong you will  lose your stake. It is a straight forward process and easy to understand for beginners.

Some binary option companies give you the option of trading with a variety of contracts such as commodities(Gold, Oil, Corn, Silva, Coffee, Diamond, Stocks, Forex, and Indices(Dow jones, Nikkei, Nasdaq, etc). You can choose to invest the exact specified amount or higher in the purchase of these assets, for example, you can  buy $100 worth of Gold to trade with if this amount is the specified minimum deposit

In binary, choosing the “Call option” means you are predicting that your binary contract  will rise in price within a specified time let’s say the next five minutes, while choosing the “Put” option  means that the price will reduce or fall within the same specified time. Banc de Binary are leaders among the pack of binary options brokers, click her to have a look at their website.

It is advisable to trade in commodities for which you are familiar with. For example, if you have experience in trading stocks, purchase your binary contract in stock rather than commodities or the other alternatives the broker offers. Experience always overrides gut feelings and luck in binary so gain all the experience you can. You can also take advantage of some of the training programs some of these binary companies offer to help place you ahead of the others without prior training.Opteck is a reputable binary options broker I highly recommend especially for beginners as they offer training that will help give you an edge over novices in the trade, click here to join the them

Here are a few tips that can help you start off well:

  • Conduct market analysis before you trade to increase your chances of predicting correctly
  • Don’t just choose any broker, do a thorough research before you choose the one where you have the best earning probability
  • Understand how to interpret prices of options. Most often the price with which an option is trading is indicative of the value of the asset
  • Learn the tricks of the game. This can be done by undergoing training in binary.

Binary options trading is a good way to increase your income, especially if you take some time out to study the rules of the trade. What are you waiting for? join the club of traders making money without stress

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8 reasons why investing in Mutual funds gives you more baskets for your eggs.

A few months ago, my cousin and his  fiancee were making plans for their wedding, all was going smoothly until my aunt(cousin’s mother) insisted on baking their wedding cake. She does a lot of baking at home but not for any important occasion, so this was a first.

My Cousin Kelvin didn’t want to hurt her feelings so he convinced his then fiancee and both finally agreed to let her bake the wedding. The cake did turn out nicely I must say, but my aunt tripped while trying to arrange it only a few minutes before the reception started, just as the guest were entering the hall.

It is always good to have options in most of our endeavors in life, particularly when it comes to investing, Mutual funds offer this and much more.

Spreading your risk: Mutual funds give you the option of variety, it is like getting professionals to bake several wedding cakes for you so you get to reduce any unforeseen  risks. But what are mutual funds? you may be wondering if you are a newbie in investing, it is a professionally managed investment portfolio that uses money from multiple investors to purchase securities. FBN capital asset based  limited is a reputable investment company with an asset base of over N146 billion naira, click here to learn more about them

Easy to start: This is because it doesn’t require participants to have a large investment. Most mutual funds companies have a reasonable minimum amount you can use for opening a portfolio, especially for IRAs(Individual retirement accounts) where a regular monthly deposit is required. Stanbic IBTC  asset management is a major player in this industry  the company has a strong ownership & financial resources. Their track record is enviable

  • Manages a basket of open-ended mutual funds/collective investment schemes with assets worth billions of naira
  • In-depth knowledge and experience of the Local and global markets
  • Well acclaimed research capabilities
  • Sole book runner to the MTN $1billion  Linked – units private placement.

You can visit their website  by clicking

Predictable price movement of funds: due to the expertise of the professionals handling your portfolio, valuable stocks are purchased on your behalf. This makes it predictable as most likely when  the stock market goes up, most of your quality stocks will gain in response to the market as they are more likely a part of the shares that caused the stock market to experience gains in the first place.

You can sell your shares at your convenience: It is more difficult for an individual investor to sell his shares and if he does he may sell at a lesser net value than the market price as there is no industry regulation protecting him. Whereas when you have a mutual fund investment portfolio you can sell off your stock at their net value any time you want.

You get commissions: Because mutual funds purchase stocks in very large quantities, they usually get a commission on lowest brokerage. This means that you get to save more on a purchase of the same unit of stock a small investor buys. The more savings you make on building your portfolio, the more likely it is for you to gain more on your investment.

Limited personal liability: Mutual funds have no added personal risk apart from the risk in your portfolio account. It is not unusual for individual investors to be  asked to accept responsibility for other liabilities that are generated by investment undertakings. If you are a mutual fund investor, you will avoid extra liabilities.

Safety: Part of the industry regulated requirement for operating a mutual fund is an obligation to hire an independent bank to keep all the liquid cash held by the mutual fund companies. The banks act as protectors to the shareholders by preserving their funds. This helps prevent mutual funds from going bankrupt.

Industry Rules and regulations: The securities and exchange commission(SEC) regulates the mutual fund industry. All mutual funds are required to register under SEC. The securities and exchange commission also protects the investors by requiring mutual funds to give written prospectus containing information with the funds history, operating policies, and other vital information.

There is no doubt that mutual funds are the way to go if you want a secure investment option.

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How to make money while you sleep

“It is useless to work so hard for a living, getting up early and going to bed late. For the Lord provides for those he loves, while they sleep” (PS. 127:2)

I am not overly religious, but these words of the Psalmist, especially the last three, keep coming back to me over and over again. But what is futile about hard work? Most of us have learned from experience that the more you work, the more likely you are to impress your boss and get promoted, or if you own your own business, the more likely you are to succeed.

Hard work often comes with a price. It can affect your health and your relationships negatively. It is useless because you don’t need to work hard to make money, and people have known this truth for centuries.

Buying Treasury bills(TBs/T-bills) is the safest choice on investment you can possibly make. I bet you have heard about treasury bills before now, but it probably sounded boring so you brushed it aside like I did several times before I decided to join the club of TBs investors.

Treasury bills are short-term guarantee notes written by a national government as a way of regulating the supply of money and as a means of generating funds in the open market. It is a way for a government to borrow money from people like you and me. Check out this website has good content on investing and it is focused on teaching beginners how to invest smartly.

Are you wondering how treasury bills(TBs) works? TBs have a face value, it is worth more than the actual price it is bought for. Let me clarify this, let’s assume you buy treasury bills worth £700 pounds, but the actual worth of the TBs given to you is £850. If you are wondering why there is a £150 increase, this is the return on your investment, it is the interest you earned on your capital. US securities and financial market association has a useful website to help educate investors, especially beginners.

All T-bills have a given maturity date which you as the investor gets to choose. This varies from one, three, six, and 12 months. As expected, the longer your specified period of maturity the more interest you earn on your initial investment. For example, if the interest on your 12months treasury bills is £300, your interest on six month TBs will be £150.

The main benefit of treasury bills is that your interest is guaranteed, you also receive your interest upfront. In most countries, interest on TBs is not taxed. However, in the US Federal tax is deducted from it. You can reinvest your interest by purchasing more T-bills with it. Treasury bills can easily be converted to liquid cash, you can also decide to sell off your TBs before it matures. This can be done by putting them up for sale at the secondary market.

It is quite easy to get started, simply walk into the customer service section of any bank and tell them you want to buy T-bills. You will be assigned a bank officer who will put you through and help you purchase your TBs. In return, the bank gets paid a small commission on your interest. You need to click on this link it’s a website that offers valuable insight on investing.

Why has your bank not told you about treasury bills? Because they also buy from the federal government, most times they use the money you put in your fixed deposit account to purchase it.

Some people have known the secret of investing for years, perhaps these are the individuals the Psalmist was referring to when he said those last three words. What are you waiting for? Join those who sleep while their income grows.

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10 Reasons why you need to hire an expert Copywriter.

Ever wondered why you need to hire someone to create content for your blog or website? Have ever thought to yourself “Why can’t I save the money I will spend on hiring a Copywriter and just write my own content?”

If you have ever entertained the above line of thought, you may not fully understand who a Copywriter is. Here is a definition culled from Wikipedia; Copywriters are used to help create direct mail pieces, taglines, jingle lyrics, web page content (although if the purpose is not ultimately promotional, its author might prefer to be called a content writer), online ads, e-mail, content for Internet, television or radio.

Yes, you can write your own content if you want, but here are a few reasons why I think you shouldn’t:

  1. More effective and faster content delivery: Copywriters undergo training for the job, we know how to deliver content to meet deadlines, we also know how to play with words to produce more effective content for your blogs and websites. Check out to learn more
  2. Simple and easy to understand writing styles: A good Copywriter knows how to deliver your idea in a simple, easy to understand writing form that will make it easier for your potential customers to grasp your message easily.
  3. Better use of content writing tricks: An expert Copywriter probably knows how to use tags, create attention-grabbing headlines, enticing sub-headlines, bullets and employ other schemes to capture your audience attention better than you can. Learn more about Copywriters from a website I like to visit
  4. SEO Optimization: A professional Copywriter knows how to use keywords effectively to make your blog or website more visible for the search engines, this will make it easier for your potential customers to find you. One of my mentors expert Copywriter Susan Green’s website gives insightful information about this
  5. Increasing your return on investment: A Copywriter knows that you need to make sales and get results. We know how to utilize all your promotional resources like brochures, ads, sales letters and content to create a brand that is suitable for you
  6. Use of “Call to action”: Professional Copywriters know where and how to use “Call to action” in delivering content, without appearing forceful. Most people hate to be sold to and will log out of your blog or website if there suspect they are being sold to. A Copywriter knows how to use this tool in the most friendly manner.
  7. High stakes: Why will you spend so much money paying for a great website or blog and fill it with poorly written content?  Because your content should be an avenue to win you, customers, hiring an expert Copywriter will ensure that your online content does what it’s meant to do for your blog or website.
  8. Saves your time: You may already be a good content writer, but if you decide to write your own content who will handle the other aspects of your business? Division of labor is essential to ensure a successful business
  9. Up to date: Expert Copywriters keep up with the ever-changing, fast-paced industry trends and we make adjustments where necessary. We are constantly honing our skills to measure up with latest standards
  10. Creating organic traffic: We are trained to create content that bring customers who need your services to you.

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