Why you need a copywriter

I recently had an issue with a tenant who couldn’t pay her rent. She wanted to still live in my house but unfortunately for her, she couldn’t afford to pay. She called me one day and handed over 1/5th of the rent money to me. I asked her when she intended to complete payment and she assumed that I knew the reason why she has been unable to pay(how would I know this when she has never told me?).

Madam Lara, is skilled at manipulation. She knows how to get exactly what she wants even skipping her rent payment by reminding you of how she’s a widow, an invalid, needs to feed her kids and so on. Well, if I was going to get her to pay her rent or at least move out if she wasn’t able to without making myself look like a villain, then I needed to get the help of someone else.

That’s when I remembered my friend Tobi who’s a lawyer and works with a rent collection company. She had gotten past every other person I had asked to appeal to her conscience until then. For those of you who may be wondering “why didn’t just contact a rent collection company in the first place?” please remember that I live in Nigeria. Back here, we don’t always use one because it’s cheaper not to.

So, Tobi and his crew did the job in less than 24hours. Madam Lara paid up her rent without duress. I was shocked, but that’s just how some people are, to think she had been giving me excuses for six months up till then The moral of this story is this; I need to start thinking of getting a rent collection

Madam Lara paid up her rent without duress. I was shocked, but that’s just how some people are, to think that she had been giving me excuses for six months up till then. The moral of this story is this; I need to start thinking of getting a rent collection

The moral of this story is this; I need to start thinking of getting a rent collection company involved in this process. It might be the more expensive option as i know that  I might be able to get some tenants to pay up their rent on my own but for clients like Madam Lara, I don’t mind the extra cost

You might think writing copies is something you can do on your own, I have heard a good number of people say this to me, you might be able to get results if you attempt it but let’s face it, you can’t do it more than those who skilled at it

Copywriters are skilled at getting those hard to sell clients to buy into your idea, sign up for a Newsletter, buy your product, use your service and much more. I am available for you now, send me a mail now at scholachatcopywriter@yahoo.com.sg


Stay safe with Steelers bullet proof doors and windows

Hello Mr. Robbin,

I hope this letter meets you well. I recently heard of two burglary cases that happened close to your residence. The one that happened a few days ago at 34 Boulevard lane, by Queens Drive Maryland was pathetic. An armed burglar went into the home of a young couple and killed both of them. The robber thankfully spared the life of their six-month-old baby, but now the poor child is an orphan, how sad is this?

This is why I always emphasize safety in our offices and homes. You see, if the couple had heard about our bullet proof doors and installed them in their house, I bet that armed robber would not have been able to find his way into their home. I heard he actually shut at the door handle to gain entrance. Unfortunately, the couple were listening to loud music on their stereo and missed the sound of the gun.

The other case was that of a little old lady who lived alone with her pet dog, this time two burglars found their way in through the back window, luckily her dog raised an alarm by barking and scared them off, but they gained entrance and if she doesn’t take precaution against a future reoccurrence it can happen again and this time she may not be so lucky.

I keep going on about this because I care, I want you to be safe, and a good way to improve your safety is to take proactive steps. I work with Steelers Gadgets, we make the highest quality bullet proof doors and windows you can find. Our doors and windows have been tested using submachine guns and hand canons and still passed without even a scratch to the surface.

Steelers doors and windows offer you safety in your home. You can now sleep with both eyes closed even in a neighborhood like Boulevard Lane. Our installation process is quite easy, once you order any of our products, you are offered free installation. We will send our well trained professional installers to fix any of our items you purchase at your desired location, and this is at no extra cost to you.

You also get a one year warranty after you purchase any of our products so you can be rest assured that we are with you all the way.

I can send you testimonials from our customers on request. Most people are satisfied with our products and services, you need to read what they say about us to understand why I want you to invest in it. You can find out if you call our service line 345–5436-9876 and request for testimonials, or visit http://www.stelersgadgets.com and click on the testimonials tab on the dashboard.

You can order for any of our products by calling 438-3456-8435 Monday to Saturday between 7:00 am and 7:00 pm, our customer service staffs are always available to answer any questions you have.

Your safety is my priority, order now to avoid being a victim.

Unraveled! Secrets of successful people

When I graduated from high school, something happened to me, I experienced a change an experience I have come to understand that most enterprising people go through at some point in their lives.

I suddenly wanted to start earning my own income. My best friend coincidentally was also going through the same experience. While we were chatting one day she suggested, we should try participating in the forthcoming annual trade fair which was starting in two weeks. I thought it sounded interesting since she said we may earn about $20 a day, for me at the time, that was a lot of money, so I bought the idea and we made our plans.

You see, when we got there we learned we weren’t the only ones with this idea, they were thousands of job seekers all hustling for jobs as sales agents. I must say I was shocked on that day, but I decided to still go for it. Unfortunately, neither I nor my bestie succeeds in getting a job, and at the end of the day, we went home sad.

The next day, I called my friend, but she sounded different “I am not going there again” she said to me, she went on to tell me how she had decided it wasn’t worth the effort, and we should give up and do something else with our time “Like what?” I asked her, but she didn’t give any more suggestions. I made up my mind to go again the next day, and I did, but I had no luck. On the third day, I made a new friend “Nneka”

She was everything I wasn’t at the time, she was cheerful, enthusiastic, and optimistic, I was sold instantly. We moved around the venue together and I told her about the difficulties I had been experiencing in getting a job. She suggested we tried something different. I noticed something about Nneka, she was always looking for opportunities. We were having lunch that same day, and she saw a man with a tag on his shirt, she tapped me and got me to look his way. The next thing I knew, she was chatting with him and soon I joined in the conversation.

The man was an easy going lad, luckily he was in charge of recruitment for all the companies participating in the fair. Since most companies had already recruited, we were automatically placed on a priority list, if anything suddenly came up, we will be among the first to get it. Apart from this, this kind gentleman offered to pay us for the days we had been coming without succeeding in getting a job. At this point, I will like to add that unlike me, this was Nneka’s first day at the venue, but she still got paid in arrears.

Two hours later, we landed a job as sales representatives. The company we were to work for had a new product they were introducing into the market, also apart from our daily wages, we were to earn on commission. The owner of the company gave us a short training, we were also given  a target to sell about 10 of the items daily.

My first day as a sales agent was the hardest,  a few people called me over to enquire about the product. You see like I said before it was a new product so it wasn’t selling like other well-known brands. I was getting depressed over my inability to even sell one item, but Nneka was different, her smile never wavered. It seemed  she simply enjoyed the opportunity of selling and I could sense she believed the product could be sold, her enthusiasm and optimism was almost infectious but for some reason I was immune to it. Soon I couldn’t keep up with her pace and we lost each other.

We met again as I handed over the items  I was given that day. I hadn’t made any sales. I noticed Nneka submitted hers with the same result, she hadn’t made any sales too, but unlike me, she didn’t mind “We will do better tomorrow” she encouraged me. As I boarded a bus home that day, I decided it wasn’t worth the effort after all, and I never went back to that job nor did I contact Nneka again.

A week later, my best friend and me went to the fair for sightseeing,  shortly after I entered the venue, I met Nneka, she was her usual cheerful self and high in spirit, as we chatted, she kept selling the product, I couldn’t believe my eyes, this was a product that I had felt would never sell “A few people bought and used it, they liked it and told others about it, now all I have to do is just stand here and people keep buying and buying” she said to me. She also informed me that due to the amount of sales they had been making, her boss had offered to employ all the sales representatives permanently.

That one incident changed my entire perspective about life. I believe we create our own luck don’t you think so? Haven’t you noticed that optimistic people always succeed  eventually? Well, if you haven’t noticed this is to inform you that they always do.

If you want to be successful, you must be optimistic. I came across this nice article on how to become an optimistic person I think you might like it, here is the link


Here is another link I think you might also enjoy reading:


ps: I am  now a sales expert, thanks to the lessons I learned from that single event, I am 100% optimistic.

Secret of youthfulness

Yesterday I found myself watching youtube videos ones again. You see  I like listening to talented upcoming artists. I like the thrill of discovering new talents like Susan Boyle and the fact that lives can be changed by grabbing the opportunities to put one’s self out there.

I had been watching for over an hour when I stumbled upon a video of a lady called Lilli McCloud. You see there is something about her that draws you into watching her video. Maybe it is her ivory black complexion or her flawless skin, her slim figure or her shapely frame, I really cannot place a finger on it, but she will make you click on her video if you catch a glimpse of her(I am straight), no wonder she has over 15,000,000 youtube views! on her cover of Cece Winans Alabaster box.

It was obvious many of the audience hadn’t heard the song before, but Lillie’s voice held everyone there spell bound, I wasn’t surprised at all because it was strong, clear and youthful, yes very youthful. Ironically, Lillie is no longer a youth. When she was asked her age, she did what most women will not do, she told the truth. Lillie McCloud is 54 years old, but I could have sworn she was 25. She looks amazing for her age, you will never believe it, she is also a  grandmother!

I read through the comments on youtube to make sure I wasn’t the only one thinking this way, apparently everyone else had the same line of thought, one young man even called her a vampire, I don’t think he is too far from the truth(no insult intended).

One of my dreams is to meet Lillie in person, I need to know her secret, however, i have a few tricks up my sleeves too. No one has ever guessed my age accurately. I was recently engaged in an argument with a man who thought I was more than half my age.  We had argued about it for a while and so we had to call two more people to ask their opinion, well there all felt I was indeed half the age I am( I never told them my real age)

Just in case you think they are trying not to be rude, well no one has ever guessed my age accurately, it’s the truth

What’s my secret? I will tell you, but you first have to buy my ebook to find out. It only cost $20 and half of the proceeds from the sales will go to orphanages in Nigeria. Anyone else can look youthful, don’t ever entertain the thought that you cannot look half your age.

To place your order for my book, send me an email requesting my ebook titled Secrets of youthfulness, there you will learn all the secrets I have practiced and those I have learned from people who stay young despite their age.

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Unlock your mind, realize your potential

I wrote a fiction book that you will like if you are interested in becoming who you are meant to be. I have always been fascinated by the Oak tree, its seed is amongst the smallest in the world, but when put into the right type of soil, it grows into a massive tree that lives for several years.

If you have been doing the same thing and getting the same result, it is time for you to change your game plan. You should read my book “Rotten apple” to help you understand what I am talking about. I have included an excerpt of the book in this post. I hope you find it an interesting read, but I didn’t write it to entertain you, I wrote it to motivate you to become who you are meant to be. Please read it

“Enwabu, you have to help me with my son, I fear for him” my mother complained to one of the famous native doctors in our village.

She had gone to him worried over me for fear that I might be running mad. I was about eight years old when Mamma decided that it was the right time to take me to him. Although I could sense that before this time she had certain bad thoughts about my behavior. I could tell by the way she looked at me that there was something about me that made her uneasy.

I never blamed my mother for her excessive concern over me, I was her first and only issue after eight years of marriage. As the second wife of my father my mother had been mocked by my step mother quite often. I remember my mother telling me stories of all the hardship she had gone through in the hands of Kabu. I remember often weeping when Mamma told me of how my step siblings inspired by their mother reigned abuses on her over her barrenness

My father being a quiet man by nature hardly ever interfered in their quarrels, he would simply stay in his hut and pretend like he was not listening.

When I finally showed up after eight years of pain and torture, my mother spoilt me rotten. I was her everything, and she showered me with more than enough love and attention. Mamma insisted on naming me Yeno which means “the sun” in my native dialect. I was a poor African boy from a small obscure village in Neegeria called Obaze, but I felt like the most loved child that ever lived.

“Enwabu help me” I recall my mother crying to the old man as we sat on a mat in front of his shrine “I will give anything i can afford if only you assure me that my son’s madness will be reversed” she begged as she used her torn wrapper to clean the tears from her eyes.

“It is okay Enem” Enwabu assured her “did you say madness?” he asked as he looked at me, his eyes staring directly into mine as if trying to diagnose the problem for himself

“Yes sir” he often stares for a long time looking at nothing interesting, his eyes are often focused on the cloud, besides this he constantly talks of how he hates being poor and how he will be wealthy one day, and Enwabu you know that this is an abomination for us in the Onyen clan. You know I can’t afford to let him think like this, what if someone hears him” she wept “What have I done to the gods that they should make my child like this?” my mother asked him then kept quiet as if waiting for an answer from the old man

“Not too worry” I heard Enwabu reassure her again while I sat silently feeling very sorry for my poor mother who was obviously having a panic attack. I was both hurt and confused by her behavior “What was my crime?” I wondered to myself, as I watched Enwabu juggle the cowries which he had been holding in his hands.

“Hmm” he sighed as he looked up from the floor ” I see a problem” he frowned “Your son is a rotten Apple, he is a dreamer” he announced ” but don’t worry, you and I know that his fantasies can never become reality. All Onyens have one destiny and that means to serve every freeborn citizen of Obazeland. It is what our ancestors have laid down for us to follow, and these laws cannot be broken. Since your son is still young, I want you to teach him these things, for he has a free spirit” he said this as he paused to look at me “You must place a barrier on him unless he will bring your family much trouble in future” he warned as he watched me steadily, his old bent lips bending further into a frown “remove the rotten part” he warned my mother again “Tell your son who he is, tell him about his lineage” he advised as he stood up from the mat ” your fee will be two white cocks and two shillings” he said to my mother as he slowly walked into his hut, his back bent with age as he moved with obvious difficulty.

You can read the complete story by following my blog and sending me an email, I will give this Ebook for free to the first three people that send me an email requesting for it. The price is $20 and part of the money goes to support orphans in Nigeria. You can place your order for the book by simply sending me an email.

You can now save over $14,000 yearly on your credit card transactions

Merchants, listen to this exciting news! If you used to pay thousands of dollars on your credit card transactions you don’t have to do this ever again.

There’s a new Sheriff in town! Stand alone terminals brought to you by Hybrid services in conjunction with Jetpay lets you save and save on all your credit card transactions.

Amazing! you pay only $35/monthly charge while each of your customers is assessed a little fee on each transaction. If your customer pays with cash the fee is waived, if your customer pays with a card the fee collected is used to pay the card fees you would have had to pay, saving you:

  • Time,
  • Effort
  • Money

Here is a summary of what I have been going on about:

An overview of account activity for statement period

Page 1: Total amount you submitted $50,000

Page 2: Equipment lease $99

Page 3: Monthly charge $35

Page 4: Total fees charges $134

The above is a typical monthly card statement using the unlimited processing programme. You get a total cost of only $134 and you as a merchant pay only $35 while your customers pay $99 in total. That means you and your customers pay only $1608 on credit card transactions for the entire year!

Apart from our stand-alone terminals that offer you amazing savings, we also have our POS Smart Register which offers the following benefits:

  • Integrated service that makes you dollars
  • Advertising Network
  • Bill pay
  • Digital phone cards
  • Domestic and International Top-ups
  • Consignment products
  • Includes support and training

All for only $199 per month!

Here’s how it works: Instead of you paying to accept cards a standard calculated fee is assessed on all transactions. The fee is waived on Cash Transactions, your Customers pay the nominal fee and you no longer pay to accept card transactions. We use the fees paid by your customers to pay all card fees, you save tons of $$$

If you are interested in any of these products, call me on +2349023608323 now!

10 Ways to grow your business by managing irate customers

I am passionate about listening to progress in businesses. As a business person myself I understand the ups and downs of growing a business and keeping your customers satisfied.

No matter how good your service or product is, you can never meet up to all your customer needs and expectation every single time.

I worked for a world class customer service company, we ranked among the top ten companies in the world for five years consecutively. We also won multiple awards in the process. During the time I spent working as a customer service personnel, we had to satisfy our diverse customers to maintain our high standard, even those that were apparently angry that things were going too smoothly for their liking, ever heard of sadists or attention seekers? at some point in your business you will have to manage them too. How about the perfectionist who knows it all and even takes to lecturing you, or the woman who is experiencing PMS(laughs) I am a woman, I know how we can be during this time.

It doesn’t matter how well trained your staffs are or how good the product you are offering is, if you have to attend to customers, you will meet the dreaded angry person at some point.However it’s not all bad news, if you learn how to manage your irate clients, you will win their loyalty, and a lifetime of referrals through them.

I have outline 10 secrets you can practice to help you manage hard to please customers and ensure your business benefits from them

Get more personal: Most of us will listen to a friend much more than we would a stranger, so the first thing you should do when handling an irate person is to introduce yourself to her if you haven’t done this initially. Use your first name only unless sh asks you for your other names. Your goal is to break the ice between you both.

Listen to them: when a customer displays emotions like anger, you must give her your whole attention. She will be watching you for the slightest reason to justify her anger so you must try to be genuinely attentive, because if she notices that you are not listening you will aggravate her.

Empathize with them: Put yourself in their shoes. You may not react the way they choose to react on the issue but genuinely feel for them. You will likely win her cooperation if she feels you are in this with her.

Please don’t smile: I have seen customers being aggravated even by a genuine smile. She kept asking my colleague if the situation she was facing was not important to her. When a customer is very upset, your smile can make her feel worse, please forget all the training you have acquired, customers are different and should be managed differently, smile with an easy going customer and she will be pleased, but smile with and upset customer and she will want to have your head on a plate.

Ignore insults: I have met all kinds of people some of whom insulted me even while I tried my best to please them and offer great service, my reaction? I ignored the insult. When I meet people who want to put me down by teaching me my job, I genuinely thank them for taking the time and effort. This is also when a smile can be precious to go with the gratitude. This has won me, several friends.

If it’s your fault don’t admit it if there is no one else the client can speak to: Why? because some people are unforgiving, and they may not trust you to solve their problem any further because you have already made a mistake once. Rather act sorry, remember she will be watching your body language, so let your facial expression show that you feel bad for what happened, but please don’t say “It’s my fault” if your supervisor or manager is not available to handle the issue from that point.

Take action: When a customer lays a complaint, do something about it. If you were sitting, please stand, move, act, let the customer see that you are trying to help.

Keep her updated: keep informing her of the progress you are making towards resolving her issue at least every ten to fifteen minutes.

Offer to change the product at no cost to her: If you have investigated and discovered that the fault is yours, you can offer to change the product for free, or an extra service at no cost to her. You can then apologize to her for all the inconveniences and any other distress she has had to go through in the process.

Call her later: Yes the issue has been resolved and the customer may be satisfied with your service, but don’t leave it at that. Call her to check she is satisfied with the product.

I can guarantee that nine out of ten irate customers who you applied these methods with will never forget you and your business. You will win their loyalty.

You learn more secrets on how to manage irate customers by ordering my Ebook

“30 secrets to managing irate customers and growing your business in the process”

You can also follow my blog if you want to get more helpful tips on growing your business through excellent  customer service delivery. You can also call me to order my free Customer service newsletters.