How to live contented

pexels-photo-944762.jpegLiving a life of contentment is a key to personal satisfaction and fulfilment

Even those whom one feels should have reached the level of contentment may not be there because it is a personal decision to be satisfied with what you have acquired or achieved in life

“To know when you have enough is to be rich beyond measure” Lao Tzu

“Discontentment makes rich people poor while contentment makes poor people rich”

“Contentment gives a crown, where fortune hath denied it” John Ford

When you are personally contented with your situation, you allow yourself the ability to enjoy and be at peace with yourself

You grow in confidence and are not easily swayed by things that could create an imbalance in your life

“When we cannot find contentment in ourselves, it is useless to seek it elsewhere” Francois La Rochefoucauld

Contented people are less likely to commit crime of any sort because of the strength of character that comes with being content.

The great thing about contentment is that it’s entirely up to you as an individual, it’s your decision to be or not

To begin, you have to view life as a gift not an entitlement, this would help in creating inward acceptance. It’s not always easy to be this way, it takes a conscious effort and training of the mind. Mentorship and good books, help a lot in this aspect

“The key to contentment is to consider. Consider who you are and be satisfied with that. Consider what you have and be satisfied with that. Consider what God’s doing and be satisfied with that. You will be amazed at how much more comfortable you’ll feel with yourself. Finally, consider this: Of contentment cannot be found within yourself, you’ll never find it” Luci Swindoll


How to get lucky in life

pexels-photo-813940.jpegI will like to begin by saying most of these views are personal, although I will add a few insights from wise men and women

Luck? Is there any such thing as this or is it just a myth?

“I’m a greater believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more i have of it” Thomas Jefferson

Cambridge English Dictionary defined luck as the force that causes things, especially. good things, to happen to you by chance and not as a result of your own efforts

If the above definition holds any water then I must be one unlucky person because I haven’t ever had good things just happen to me by chance

I wonder if most of you have had such experiences but I doubt if the world is filled with people with such occurrences in their lives

Just as Thomas Jefferson says, most times, the harder you work at something the more likely you get good results from it

I’m yet to see a blogger that just got lucky and over night, he or she had 1000 followers! If you know of such a person, please post his or her link in the comment section, I would like to pick his brain a bit, there must be something he/she is doing and he isn’t telling but it’s definitely not as a result of luck because if it is then luck must be very very unfair.

“I’ve found that luck is quite predictable. If you want more luck, take more chances. Be more active. Show up more often” Brain Tracy

No one just sits in a state of inertia and gets lucky, you must do something, take chances, give quality, grab opportunities to have a chance of getting good things

A citizen of a war torn country may ask, “Why wasn’t I lucky enough to be born in a developed country”

Well, my answer is this; a normal sperm count has about 300 million cells, only one of them fertilizes a female egg to result in a conception

Many of them get lost in the cervix, those who made it into the uterus meet the white blood cells that see them as enemies and attack them. The surviving ones have to swim to the fallopian tubes and getting there is like climbing mount Everest. Only a handful eventually make it to the fallopian tube where the egg is released and the sperm must survive long enough to meet and fertilize it

In a nutshell, we are responsible for good things that come to our lives. Just as Maria says in a song in the movie – Sound of music

“Nothing comes from nothing, nothing ever would, so somewhere in my youth or childhood, I must have done something good”

“The best luck of all is the luck you make for yourself” Douglas Macarthur

Real estate investment for beginners with small capital

pexels-photo-280222.jpegDo you want to have a means of income without the headaches and stress of commuting from your house to your workplace?

Do you want to have a constant flow of income while you spend your time doing your hobbies and other things you love?

“It is in vain for you to rise up early, to sit up late, to eat the bread of sorrows: for so He giveth His beloved sleep”(Ps. 127 : 2)

Real estate investment is one way that you can get the much needed sleep your body needs while your income grows steadily.

I learned real estate investment from my parents while growing up and I’m certain that this is one good way to grow and invest your hard earned money

Real estate is a great investment for many reasons. You get excellent rate of returns, amazing tax advantages and leverage real estate to build wealth(James Harris, Co-Founder, Bond Street Partners)

Real estate is generally a great investment option. It can generate an ongoing passive income, and it can prove to be a good long-term investment if it’s value increases exponentially over time. You may even use it as a part of your overall strategy to begin building wealth(Miriam Caldwell, excerpts from “Is real estate a good investment?”

If you are interested in starting a real estate business but you do not have access to a lot of funds, first start by buying cheap lands.

Remember that if you haven’t planned or prepared for this before deciding to start, you will need to maintain your day job because most lands you buy cheaply will need some time to appreciate

So buy cheap and give some time for it to increase in value, I recommend a period of five years upward. If you have some money left to build a structure on it, do that. Build, get the value of the property as regards rent, and let it out to the highest bidder. Make the most use of space within it to get the best from your house. Instead of building an apartment with two big rooms, build three or four rooms instead; the more rooms you have in the property, the higher the value of the house

You might not get much initially but don’t sell it, just rent it out. As the value of properties increase in the area, so will rent increase. Make sure you are aware of any such increases and apply them to your property

The more money you save from doing your day job should be spent the same way you did for the first property you bought. Repeat the process of buying cheap, building, renting out, and increasing your rent as the value of properties increase in the area.

With time and consistency, you will have more than five such properties under you. You will also be generating a considerable amount of income. Now, you can resign from your day job and pursue your career as a property manager

You can also make yourself available to manage other people’s properties as a means of generating extra income.

With evidence of properties at your disposal, you shouldn’t have any difficulties making passive income as a property manager, writing articles on real estate or even selling other people’s properties for a commission

The above are things you might want to consider if your age permits.


Wisdom nugget for small businesses

pexels-photo-461593.jpegPerseverance is the steady persistence in a course of action, purpose, a state, etc. Especially in spite of difficulties, obstacles, or discouragement (

Don’t give up, even if it looks like it’s not working, eventually it will. This is the secret of most people who have risen from obscurity to fame, poverty to wealth, failure to success

Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan ‘Press on!’ has solved and always will solve the problem of the human race.(Maya Angelou)

In Christianity, we are also taught to persevere, (Luke 18: 4 -5) “Even though I don’t fear God or care what people think, yet because this widow keeps bothering me, I will see that she gets justice so that she won’t eventually come and attack me”

When I started a business some time ago, I was the only one in that vicinity who was doing it in that niche. People around couldn’t understand why I had decided to open a book shop in a place where majority of the people didn’t care to read

I received several unsolicited visitors who kept coming to my store to tell me I was wasting my time. Yet I continued regardless.

Within a year my business began to grow, then I noticed other book shops started springing up around mine. Today, there are many such business models in the area, and more people  coming to patronise us

“Look at a stone cutter hammering away at his rock, perhaps a hundred times without as much as a crack showing in it. Yet at the hundred-and first blow it will split in two and I know it was not the last blow that did it, but all that had gone before(Calvin Coolidge)

When you are establishing a new venture, things may appear tough, most times it is. Less than half of small business start ups, survive after two years, less than a quarter make it to the fifth year, according to reliable statistics

Whenever I see a new business fold up, I can guess it’s because those behind it were not ready to persevere or hadn’t put that into the picture while planning to set it up

When we put ourselves on the side of the universe by persevering, it renews our strength continuously until we succeed.

Jacob.A.Riis says; It’s not that I’m so smart, it’s just that I stay with problems longer.

People who succeed in what they do, know that they need to persevere to make their dream a reality ‘Making your mark in the world is hard. If it were easy , everybody will do it. But it’s not, it takes patience, commitment and failure on the way. The real test is not whether you avoid this failure, because you won’t , it’s whether you let it change you for good or bad, or whether you learn from it; whether you chose to persevere(Og Mandino)

This world isn’t easy, but those who are wise make it easy for themselves by riding in the storm and moving despite turbulence

Courage and perseverance have a magical talisman, before which difficulties disappear and obstacle vanish into air(Julie Andrews)

Giving as a means to getting more financially

pexels-photo-259234.jpegI have noticed a pattern in this life, to me, it seems like there is a reaction for every action. But unlike the popular chemistry quote, which states that “for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction” I believe the resultant reaction is often greater than the initial action which instigated it

When people complain about things like loneliness, I tell them to spare their time for someone else. When you give you get the same thing you give, in larger quantity

In high school, all my teacher’s kids were exceptionally brilliant, I’m not exaggerating, it’s true but I never bothered to carry out a survey on this, it will be nice to confirm if the efforts these teachers were putting in to teach us, was affecting their kids positively in return

Do you want financial freedom? Please give as much as you can, “givers never lack” “he that sows sparingly; and he that sows in the spirit of blessing shall reap also in blessing” 2 Corinthians 9:6

John D. Rockefeller gifts total 530,853,632 dollars to various institutions, Henry Ford gave away a third of his income, Bill Gates and Warren Buffett give more than 30% of their wealth to the poor.

Luke 6:38 says “Give and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you”

Giving is a biblical principle for getting but it is also one that the world outside Christianity has come to embrace over time

Pioneering philanthropist Andrew Carnegie said “No man can become rich without himself enriching others”

Earning a living through Fiverr

pexels-photo-450277.jpegI stumbled upon fiverr after I lost my job in 2015.

Most of us who had worked there were taken from a rival company who lost their contract to the new one

But after only six months of doing what we had done for over five years, we were escorted out of the premises like thieves

We had been lured by their fake promises of much higher pay, better working environment, stability, promotion and the likes but it was a scam; they needed our expertise and experience

Shortly after the company started operation, they kept recruiting more staffs and we trained them(for free), we thought this made us more valuable to them

So you can imagine how we felt when we were given sack letters and told not to return after we had worked our asses out on one faithful day 2015

Let’s leave the details of that story for another day. Well, I discovered fiverr soon after and the rest is history. One major advantage being a freelancer on Fiverr has over a regular 9 to 5 job is that you can’t be given a sack letter unjustly

Your account remains in tact as long as you don’t break the rules under their TOS, you should go through this document before you start offering your services so that you know how to conduct yourself, on there

If you are looking to brake the bank with income from fiverr, it might not happen but some people have built modest houses and bought affordable vehicles through funds they made from fiverr

The downside of working as a freelancer on Fiverr is that the company takes 20% off your profit for each job you complete and get payed for. In my opinion that’s quite a high figure and it should be reduced to at most 10%

Imagine someone earning five dollars for completing gig that took him 2 hrs and fiverr reduces it by 20%!

On the Upside, it is a platform that attracts millions of clients and if you are hardworking you can make a modest income from working on Fiverr

In my opinion, gigs that appear to be in high demand are IT related; graphic design, creating Logos, building websites, etc. You can also make good money as a writer, blogger, etc

You can create gigs and advertise them on social media networking sites like twitter, instagram and facebook to promote them and get you more sales

Most freelancers belong to multiple platforms so that when things appear a bit slow on fiverr, you can just switch over to another one

Your success on Fiverr, depends on your skills and how determined you are. You should do more than what is expected of you, to gain a very good reputation and win clients, they will also leave good reviews for you if you satisfy them with quality work

These reviews are often the key to increasing your sales, improving your reputation and winning you more clients


How to learn through wordpress

pexels-photo-265667.jpegI have owned a blog on WordPress for a few years now but I never entertained the thought of using it for anything other than making money

This is because some people who talk about WordPress outside it never truly tell us that there’s more to its use than that. It’s not like Facebook where most people know what it’s used for, I mean even the name FACE BOOK says a lot already

But with WordPress it’s a bit more complex than that. For a newbie, words like BLOGGING, HOSTING, WIDGETS,LINKS, TAGS, THEMES, etc can be a bit intimidating and for some, even confusing

Some social media marketers have succeeded in making people feel WordPress is more complicated than it is, the same people make you feel that it’s purely about business and making money. You can view some “Get rich quick videos on youtube” to confirm this for yourself

So when I started and I didn’t make money like they said I would, I thought all kinds of bad things about WordPress. I’m quite sure some of you have felt the same way too at some point

I’m still wondering why people don’t give this amazing website some more credit than it’s getting. So far, i have been surprised to discover that people build business relationships and make friends around the world here, that’s not what those social media marketers tell us out there

Are you having a bad day? There’s enough inspirational and motivational blogs on here that will get you through your life time. Just follow any blogger you like or as many as you want in those niche

I recently decided to give it another try, this time I have no intention of making a dime, I only want to learn, to give back and also build a portfolio while at it

WordPress is a resource where you can learn almost anything. You can learn about Egypt, India, Canada and other countries from people who’ve been there. It’s helpful getting all the information you need before making the journey yourself

Are you looking for healthy recipes or how to save cost on preparing meals for your family? Just type these questions on your search button and WordPress will present blogs of people who have the answers to your questions

Do you need tips on managing your finances or do you want to grow your knowledge on cryptocurrencies? WordPress bloggers will not only teach you but they’ll show you what to do and how to start

I learned more about twitter, instagram and other social media sites than I’ve done on any other website. People seem ready to help with any information we need because that’s the only way they’ll get more views and followers

So if you are ready to learn, WordPress bloggers are ever ready to teach you