Multitasking in business

woman sitting on chair near laptop computer

I can’t think of anything I’m not prepared to do for my business to make it grow and remain relevant in the industry

When I first started and I couldn’t afford to pay for a contract cleaner, I would scrub, clean and dust every where, every morning on my own while still acting as the accountant, cashier and sales person. I did virtually everything possible and played every role that was needed to do to make things work.

But it didn’t feel like I was doing too much. I overlooked the fact that I was playing multiple roles because it was my passion to set up and manage the business. It was my business and this was what needed to be done to make it work especially as i didn’t have enough capital to hire other people. If I had to work in all these different capacities for someone else’s business, I would have either thrown in the towel or asked for a much hire pay

As an entrepreneur you need to be prepared to do things you probably never imagined you would do when you decided to start your business. Be ready and willing to do it because it will save you a lot of money which you will need for other more pressing needs.

Instead of recruiting a cleaner, sales person, delivery guy etc try to see which other roles can be carried out by you conveniently

Can you learn a new skill that will help you play another role in your business instead of employing someone else? Will you be able to conveniently work in other capacities while still managing your business effectively? Recently, I saw a lady who owns a big restaurant and also works as a waitress, I learned that she’s been doing this for years.

If you aren’t already looking into doing other jobs within your business as a business owner, you should. It saves money, you learn new skills and your business will stand a much better chance of succeeding with your effort


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