Tips for first time business owners

I’m one of those people who enjoys watching soccer. I find it intriguing watching 22 people kicking a ball around a field. It’s something that can produce so many varied emotions in both the spectators and the participant

sky grass sport ball
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The goal of the game is to ensure that the ball doesn’t enter your goal post and to get the ball into your opponent’s net as many times as possible

This game, like many other  popular ones has engaged, excited and captivated viewers for several years till date and it’s not going to stop in the near future because it holds the secret of success within it

Soccer  engages, excites and captivates the attention of spectators and this is what makes a lot of people passionate about it.

Why am I going on and on about soccer? It holds the secret most entrepreneur need for success. When you have a product or service that excites, engages and captivates the attention of a sizeable number of people, you have a product that will definitely do well in the market

Some people get so emotional about their products or service especially first time business owners. They don’t bother to carry out a sample research before starting up a business venture. They believe that if they like a product then automatically everyone else will too.

This is why many first time business owners fail in their attempt to run a business venture. This can usually be avoided if they have the right business or offer the right service

Remember this, if you can engage, excite and captivate a good number of people with your idea, product or service then you are on your way to success in business


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