Maintaining humility on your way to success

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Humility is one character trait which many people tend to leave behind on their way to success

It is quite uncommon to find a rich person who possesses this trait because wealth often comes with certain circumstances that works against it

But what is humility? Oxford dictionary defines it as the quality of being humble, being humble is having or showing a modest or low opinion of your own importance.

Many successful people want others to know that they are important, they are mostly not satisfied if and when they aren’t noticed. What was the reason for becoming rich in the first place if they won’t be recognised as important? This is the way most of them reason

Many begin to hang out with people of similar financial standing to boost their esteem. They gradually cut off their old relationships/friendships in the belief that they are no longer in their class

There are so many things wrong with the above attitude. When your finances begin to increase you must be determined to raise your level of humility by the same margin because if this isn’t done you will surely become another rich proud person

When this happens you hurt a lot of your old friends and acquaintances who may not be as financially prosperous as you and these are the people who genuinely appreciate you for who you are and not your money or change in financial status

In many cases, riches do not remain static forever, sometimes you may find yourself back to the level you were in formerly. This is not uncommon because some businesses lose clients, some people lose their jobs and some others experience unfortunate circumstances that make them fall back to being middle or low income earners once again

But this time around, you find your close friends whom you hurt are no longer willing to continue the friendship for fear of being hurt again, some of your relations have formed a negative impression about you which will take years to undo, you have hurt the feelings of many lower employees or even your staffs by your inability to empathize with them, etc

As you climb the ladder of success, remember to put on the garment of humility it is priceless and will help you in building new worthwhile relationships while maintaining old ones.




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