Job tips for people living in rural areas

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I took a short trip to my town in April. Apart from the fact that It was an enjoyable trip, I also felt welcomed by everyone I met during my stay

As I left them behind after two weeks of a memorable stay, chit chatting and catching up with the lives of many of my relatives, I headed back to my abode in the city.

One of the recurring problems that stood out from my conversions with the younger ones was the lack of jobs. These were graduates of universities who had read good courses but still didn’t know why they were without jobs

We had a couple of discussions about this and these are a few reasons why I think some people of them were finding it difficult securing good jobs despite being qualified

  1. They are not where the jobs are: As easy as this seem to figure out, some people can get very emotional about where they live, not willing to leave the warmth of their community for one where they might feel unwelcome. If you want the job then you’ve got to take the leap regardless. As I scrolled down a very popular job website, trying to send them information of job openings, I noticed that many jobs were available but not in that little town because it’s a rural area with sparse population so how can they get the jobs they are qualified for, when they are not where these jobs are?
  2. Some people are not willing to be flexible: If you stay in a rural area with large expanse of land, it’s a good opportunity to start thinking of a change in career plans. You should start thinking about going into farming instead of waiting for a job that is very difficult to come by within the vicinity, this is a good option for people who don’t want to relocate.
  3. Waiting for easy jobs: I called up my cousin to tell him that I had found a job which he seemed qualified for but he wasn’t interested, saying it was hard work. There are no easy jobs available, if jobs were supposed to be easy them employers won’t need to recruit people to do them
  4. Unwilling to do lesser jobs: You might be a graduate but if the positions available are for lower staff, take it. There will most likely be opportunities for you to show what stuff you are made of during the course of your work. It’s better to take it than to turn the opportunity down. Many people have accepted lower positions and stepped up soon after
  5. Laziness: I find some job seekers quite lazy. As a freelancer, I sent over 300 proposals before I got my first job. Never give up, keep at it, don’t be demoralised when you aren’t getting those interview invites, keep fine tuning your CV until you get it right
  6. Do it yourself: some people who seek jobs through my help, only send their CVs and keep waiting afterwards. Sometimes I have so much work load that I forget about them. Unfortunately, it’s not the most important thing on my “To do” list as my own personal priorities tend to come first by default. It’s important to do these things yourself, no one else will take it as seriously as you
  7. They fail to pray. If you are a Christian and you believe in God, then pray. There’s absolutely no harm in doing this. For me, I find insights into a lot of things after praying. Try it, especially when you are in need of a favor

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