Don’t despise the days of small beginnings

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There was a time in my life when I had to commute daily through a distance of more than 20km to and from my place of work

It wouldn’t have been too bad if I didn’t have to be stuck in traffic for over 4hrs daily or work so hard during the day, I also had to act happy for most of the time because I was meeting customers who needed to see a calm reassured person handling their files

I reached my breaking point several times within that period and it wasn’t like I was earning anything great. I was earning meagerly but I would be entitled to retirement benefits after 5 years so this kept me motivated

Plus my late mum never allowed me to give up. She would tell me to be strong and to never give up. To her, I was learning something that might help me later on and looking back now, I must say it seems she was right

Not only did I get all my entitlements after 5 years but things actually got much better after a while and I didn’t have to go through the stress of enduring traffic or the long journey to my office everyday

I learned some invaluable lessons through staying on in that job. I didn’t enjoy it but I learned to endure, I learned to be patient when things weren’t going my way, I learned to work with people and to adapt to situations where I find myself, aren’t these lessons more than the pay?

Now that I’m in a more different field, I find the above lessons useful to succeed in my task everyday as a business person. It’s something I didn’t envisage when I was living through those times

You might not be where you hoped to be at this time in your life but you can decide to make the most of it by learning from the experience rather than allowing it to frustrate you, don’t complain, you are being trained to reign



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