How to dress for a corporate interview

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If you are about to attend a corporate interview to get that job you’ve been hoping for, you can’t afford to get this wrong

Humans are known to make judgement based on what we see. There might be more qualified individuals for the job, but if you look the part and they don’t, you stand a good chance of getting it over the others


  1. Don’t forget to take a bath even if you are running late. No one will employ you if they perceive an offensive smell, especially if they have options
  2. You don’t need a new wardrobe, all you need is to know how to match colors appropriately. If you chose to wear a suit, put one with dark colours. Dark blue, brown, green, grey and black will work well. For shirts and blouses, wear white or grey, these colors go well with the color of suit you chose to wear
  3. If you can help it, don’t wear clothes with patterns on them, plain colored clothes tend to make bolder statements about your personality
  4. Wearing a tie for guys is a must, if you want to look as smart as possible
  5. Ladies look good in a skirt suit a bit below the knee, also a dark colored short sleeves knee length dress will look good
  6. Your outfit must be properly ironed to make you look smart and business-like
  7. Your hair should be neat, a simple hairstyle for ladies will do and a clean hair cut for guys will work
  8. Wear comfortable shoes. Don’t put on shoes that makes you walk in an awkward manner. It affects the way you will be perceived and you wouldn’t look so smart
  9. Don’t wear bright colored shoes, chose a dark color that will complement your outfit
  10. Don’t wear too much jewelleries. No need to put on necklaces or bangles. A simple wrist watch and moderate sized earrings for ladies is adequate
  11. Use perfume sparingly. Do not pour it all over your body no matter how nice it smells, some people are allergic to it and your potential employer might be one of them

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