Dealing with a low self image

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As a child who thrived on validation, I didn’t get much of it

Coming from parents who both had military background, they didn’t understand why I was so emotionally sensitive. Looking back now, I realize that I’m miles apart from that emotional child who needed an explanation for everything.

Being overly sensitive in nature can be a set back to your progress and a havoc to your self image if you don’t learn how to handle it effectively. This can negatively affect your ability to generate wealth as an adult. Researches conducted on people with low self-image showed that majority of them end up poor as adults.

They also attract bullies in childhood. Many kids have taken advantage of other children who appear to be this way and have learned that bullying them gets the reaction they need to keep them feeling good about themselves

We can call out bullies and severely frown at their actions but statistics still show that it leads to suicidal tendencies in victims, also some of the affected people are not willing to share their experiences with anyone, which makes it harder to deal with the problem of bullying

How do you create a shield to protect yourself from those who seek to take advantage of your sensitive nature? A change of your perception, especially of how you see yourself is a good way forward. And this starts by validating yourself and your actions

Eliminating self defeating thoughts is a good beginning. Tell yourself those things you want to hear others say to you. Surround yourself with people who bring the best out of you, people who encourage you, make friends with positive minded people, read books that will expose you to reality and develop a relationship with your Creator

In the case of a child, spending time with an adult who has a positive mindset can help deal with the negative effects of over sensitivity. Participation in out door competition, especially the ones he or she is good at, is crucial in reversing the effects of his sensitive nature

Developing an understanding of human behaviour is very helpful in coming to terms with your expectations of self and others around you


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