How to make a good first impression

pexels-photo-936117.jpegDo you leave a meeting with nobody showing interest in continuing the business relationship afterwards, do you keep networking with potential clients with no significant success, do you have difficulties making friends in social gatherings?

It is likely you are experiencing the difficulties mentioned above because you do not leave a good impression when you meet them.

Don’t be too hard on yourself, it’s not entirely your fault that people are not eager to know you, some people are not interested even when you make the effort to reach out to them. Some are uptight and unapproachable.

But even with these obstacles you can still leave a good first impression in any meeting, gathering or social event.

The first step you should take is to dress according to the occasion. You shouldn’t wear a T-Shirt, jeans and trainers to a cooperate business meeting, you shouldn’t wear a skirt or trouser suit to a picnic, you should try to understand the acceptable clothing for specific events which you intend to attend

Secondly, you should make yourself as comfortable as you can. People will sense it if you are timid, uncomfortable, anxious, etc. It’s easy for them to perceive your emotions because you will be unconsciously giving them clues as to how you feel by your body language, so it’s important to make yourself relaxed and comfortable so as not to repel people who you might want to approach

Smile, this will make you look approachable and friendly. People are more likely to respond to you if you appear friendly.

Introduce yourself. Let people know who you are, tell them your name and what you do, ask for theirs in return to make them feel like you are interested in knowing more about them and what they do

Speak well and boldly. When you display a good command.of the language of communication being used, you are bound to command respect and attention. Speak eloquently and be bold, people will not easily forget you afterwards

If you can faithfully adhere to the above suggested approach you will definitely leave a good impression about yourself


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