Responsible use of money

pexels-photo-1035835.jpegIf you had a million dollars what will you do with it?

Some people will buy the latest, most expensive car that the money can purchase, they will take their friends on a spending spree, they will enter luxury shops and buy expensive items, they will swiftly squander the money on frivolities. This was exactly what the prodigal son did in the Bible story (Luke 15:11-32)

While some others will pay their tithe, give a percentage of that money to charity, contribute another sizeable percentage to medical research, sponsor the education of orphans and less privileged and carry out other philanthropic acts.

Which of these uses of money will be more meaningful to the humanity?

Many lottery winners have been known to become broke a few years after winning much higher sums of money. What could be the reason for this? Wrong use of money is the answer.

Money doesn’t last if it’s not wisely used. No matter how well you earn, you can still file for bankruptcy if you don’t decide on how you can manage its use more effectively. When money is used to impact lives positively you get more benefits from it

Knowing that your money is helping to make the world a much better place can help you become a lot more responsible in managing any amount at your disposal. You can never go wrong if you decide to help others with part of your income

For those who chose the selfish route, money will frustrate them one way or the other. When you use money to buy friends, the day your money finishes your friendship will end. When you use your money to purchase luxuries , the day your money finishes your expensive luxuries will have to stop and some sold off.

Start today to plan what you will do with large sums of money when you get the chance to possess it. It will help you in preparing and planning towards being a responsible rich person


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