How to increase your confidence as an entrepreneur

pexels-photo-326576.jpegMany of us were not born with a natural dose of confidence. If you are an average person then you will need to learn this as you pass through life

I know a lady who owns a small business but being a shy person she doesn’t know how to win clients and convince people to patronise her. By my assessment, she has a good business idea but she’s being held back from promoting it because she can’t face new people conveniently

Confidence is essential if you want to make a significant impact especially as a business owner and sole proprietor. You need this character trait to build and maintain relationships which your business needs to thrive and succeed.

You can have a great business model but due to lack of confidence you cannot present yourself well during interviews for loans, grants and other financial aids. If you cannot sell your business to others by the confidence you exude then your business might suffer

One of the first thing I learned Ehen I started my book business was that it was largely up to me to make sales. I had to make my clients trust my opinion on the books I sold, I had to smile, crack jokes, make them comfortable and make them like me enough to buy from me. All this required a confidence boost and ease when dealing with strangers

If you want to learn to grow in confidence first do some soul searching, also ask people close to you what they feel about your confidence level. You can take some free online tests that can give you a clearer picture of your level of confidence.

If you would like to improve your self-confidence, first learn to develop healthy habits. Change your diet to energy building ones, I also recommend diets high in fruits and vegetables

Then, try to maintain a healthy mental attitude. This can be achieved by surrounding yourself with positive things. Read good books, make friends with positive minded people, watch TV programmes that you can learn something good from, listen to positive messages

Become a positive influence in someone’s life. Volunteering tends to build your confidence because it makes you feel like you are doing something meaningful. This adds to your level of confidence by boosting it

Be committed. Learn to take this seriously. Whatever you set your mind to do, endeavor to do it with all your capacity, doing this helps to boost your confidence because you will feel better about yourself and your abilities

Be genuine. Being genuine is a sign of self acceptance which is an important quality required by people who need to increase their level of confidence

With the right level of confidence, your messages will be passed across to others more effectively, people will be willing to trust you easily as your confidence will speak for you. You will become more influential and your business will be more likely to grow with proper networking.


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