Education is very important

books-bookstore-book-reading-159711.jpegEveryone has favour some don’t recognise this, others think nothing of it, while some wait and watch out for it so that when the right time comes, they are fully prepared to make the most of it

My grandfather was a highly respected man but he wasn’t educated, when education was introduced to him by missionaries he was excited about it and wanted all his children to partake in it especially as it seemed to him that it would create a brighter future for all of them, which was his wish

He encouraged all his children to attend school regularly but not everyone was happy about this. Some missed the comfort of home, others complained that the teachers were too strict, some just hated school for no reason, a few couldn’t be bothered about attending

But it wasn’t all bad news, two of his children loved school. Both saw a bright future for themselves through it and so despite what others thought, they attended school regularly and excelled .

Scholarship opportunities soon came to students, both kids wrote their exams and succeeded, each one got opportunities to further their education abroad, which prepared them for good careers

I visited my village recently and I met a few of those family members who gave so many excuses for not going to school. I was sad at their plight. The two children who went to school are grandparents now, both have wealth and fame too.

Learn as much as you can, education takes us a lot further than we would go if one isn’t educated. I am of the school of thought that it’s never too late to learn something new.

Learn a new language, a new skill, keep discovering new things and you will prosper.


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