Becoming faithful in little things

pexels-photo-723095.jpegOne secret to building wealth which is not being emphasized enough is faithfulness

This entails consistency and loyalty. Many wealthy people today had to pass through the school of continuity and sticking to the task no matter what. These are character traits that offer a reward at the end

My dad used to have a staff helping him out in his business, he started as a menial worker and when my father died we retained him because he was consistent and had shown how loyal he was to him. It’s been over ten years since he joined my family business, today, he has risen to a much higher position and his job is 99% secure at this point

Many people have good stories to tell about the reward they received for being faithful in the beginning of starting their business,  job, new blog etc There’s always a crown of favor in the end for a consistent and faithful person and this is often the secret behind their blessing

I remember in high school my maths teacher was a zealous fellow, I hated maths but eagerly looked forward to having lessons with him because he made class entertaining, it was obvious that he loved his job and despite the fact that he wasn’t obviously earning as good as he deserved, he continued in it. A student soon referred him to his father who worked in a bank and he was hired shortly after, and remained there until he retired

Some of my lecturers in college, also worked part time consulting for the government in various capacities, most started their careers from being assistant lecturers and found favor from referrals as they grew in their chosen career.

How can you become faithful in whatever you do? By having a selfless attitude. Think of the value of your effort in the lives of others who will be affected by it. For example you may start of as a poorly paid nurse but your focus shouldn’t be totally on monetary benefits but on the wellbeing of the patients you come across daily

What is your business bringing to customers? It shouldn’t be all about money but the value you give to others through it.

If you haven’t already seen them, I urge you to watch these two movies; The Marva Collins story and The Ron Clark story, you will be inspired to add value in the lives of others

If you are Christian, the bible encourages us to work with sincerity of purpose “And whatever ye do, do it heartily as to the Lord and not unto men; Knowing that of the Lord ye shall receive the reward of the inheritance; for ye serve the Lord Christ” (Colossians 3:23 – 24)

God is love and requires us to love our neighbours if you work or do your business with the attitude that God demands of us, then your focus will be adding value to others and not monetarily gain.

Learning how to become more faithful will win you favor and this is what is needed to attract wealth



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