What I learned from Dorothy

pexels-photo-451590.jpegIn high school, we had many kids who I found interesting to watch

You see, I am quite observant so during my spare time I would sit and watch certain students who I found peculiar

Like the very tall, lanky boy who taught he was God’s gift to the females. To me, there was nothing special about his looks, he was just an average looking lad but it was obvious that he thought otherwise, to him, he was the most handsome boy in school.

Another interesting character was a girl who was a bit slow upstairs. It had hurt me so much to see her bullied by other kids especially guys. It was obvious that she lacked self esteem, she acted awkward and had very few friends. The day she beat up one of her troublesome bullies, was the last day I saw anyone else taunt her

Then there was Dorothy, a girl who acted like her parents were multi millionaires but it was pretty obvious that was very far from the truth

Dorothy seemed to live in an imaginary world which she created for herself in her mind. It didn’t seem to matter to her that her clothes were patched and her shoes often needed mending or that she looked unkempt.

Whenever I heard her speak, she said things she imagined not in her present reality. She spoke about where she lived as if it was in a palace whereas I knew she lived in a small old house somewhere in town, she talked about her clothes as if they were tailor made for a princess but we could all see shr looked shabby most of the time, she talked about her friends as if they were the wisest in the world but there was obviously nothing special about them. She attached value to everything around her

Dorothy soon earned a reputation as one who was prone to exaggerations but it didn’t make her change, she seemed completely set in her ways

Some years later, I attended a three days business conference in a luxurious five star hotel. While I was listening to an interesting lecture from one of the speakers, I took a glimpse out of the window by my side. A limousine had pulled up in front of the hotel entrance and as I watched, two men quickly came down from the vehicle, one opening the door of the vehicle and the other reaching out to assist the person in the Limo

The lady in the car, stepped out, while being assisted by both men and a few hotel staffs who had joined them. She walked tall and composed like a queen through years of practice

I found myself eagerly sitting in the same sit by the window for the duration of the conference because I wanted to see that interesting woman who always arrived at the hotel around the same time, daily.

On the last day of the meeting, we eagerly awaited a visit from the owner of the hotel who was to briefly speak to us on entrepreneurship.

Well, it turned out to be Dorothy, the woman in the Limousine, the one from high school



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