The value of shrewdness

meadow-animals-sheep-wool.jpgA couple had been trying for three years to have a baby. They had checked themselves medically but all test conducted so far had assured them that they were both medically fit to reproduce

Husband and wife were puzzled by the delay but they decided to move on with their lives after several unsuccessful attempts

Just when they had totally given up hope, on their fifth year anniversary, the wife fell ill with what she thought was a virus infection but after being admitted into a hospital, and undergoing several tests, she was told that she will soon become a mother

The couple were ecstatic, this was all they’ve prayed for since they got married. It was their dream come through. They were about to become parents!

A few months after, they gave birth to twins, both were very handsome and their birth made the couple very happy.

As the boys grew, they were taught how to cultivate and manage the farm which their parents own. It was an animal farm where the couple reared sheep for their coat

As the boys grew, their distinct physical and personality traits became more obvious to their parents and close members of their family. The older twin was tall and strong, he loved taking care of the sheep, he was also aggressive and easily angered. He relied so much on his physical abilities because it had endeared him to his father, who was proud of him. He was always being called upon in matters of disputes between his father and any of his adversaries; the sight of him seemed to keep his fathers enemies in check

The other twin was known as the gentle one, he was deep thinking and it made him wise. Unlike his brother, he was short and slender, he lacked the physical strength needed to walk the daily journey required to lead the sheep to pasture so he preferred to stay at home with their mother, learning to cook and take care of the home.

He knew their father preferred his twin brother to him because of his strength and his love for the sheep but he didn’t care much about that, he didn’t chose to be the way he was, he had to accept himself and make the most of what he had

After several years the couple grew old and the man fell seriously sick. On his dying bed he sent for his beloved first son to hand over everything he owned as expected

The wife confided in her beloved second son about his father’s intention to leave him nothing, he quickly decided to deceive the old blind man by pretending to be his brother who was away with the sheep as usual

The plan was executed successfully and unknown to their father, he handed over all his possessions to the second son instead of his first as he had intended to do

When the first son returned hungry from the farm, all he could think of was getting his belly filled with the delicious dinner he could perceive from the kitchen. As he peered in to see who was cooking, he saw his brother as he expected

The slender twin, thought of another idea, he would get his brother to officially sign off his birthright to him so that even the law wouldn’t defend him if the matter had to be taken to court

So he got a pen and paper, and just before he served his brother the food which he was desperately begging for, he convinced him to sign on it. As usual, the older twin didn’t think twice or look through what he was signing, he was already pissed at his brother for being so slow in everything, even dishing meals for him, he even suspected his brother must be retarded or have some kind of mental illness that made him act weird some times, he hissed and signed without giving it much thought

The next day, the second twin packed all his belongings and left home, he was heading for another town where he could live in safety for fear of his brother’s wrath, but first, he had to meet with their father’s lawyer who he would give a copy of both documents signed by his father and brother to leave all their wealth to him

“The race is not always for the swift, nor the battle to the strong; but that is the best way to bet” Damon Runyon


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