Lessons learned on good friday

pexels-photo-670720.jpegThis is the best day of every year for me as a Christian

A day that marks the sacrifice of Christ for humanity. As a Christian, today signifies sacrifice, a day of giving our possessions to those who need it in following our Lord’s example

Since God gave Jesus Christ, His only Son to humanity as a payment for our sins. What have you given to someone today?

I helped a busy mother tend to her toddler for a few hours. I view this as a sacrifice of my time, which could have been spent doing something aimed at growing my business.

This act, which i did in following God’s example, was well worth it as the little girl was very sweet. It made me realize how we can please God in return by doing what he expects of us in return for the sacrifice He made.

Now I’ve told the lady that she can always bring her little girl over during my free time because I enjoyed her company. This is how God is willing to do more for those who please Him, when we make His sacrifice worthwhile he in turn blesses us for it.

Happy good Friday !


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