Earning a living through Fiverr

pexels-photo-450277.jpegI stumbled upon fiverr after I lost my job in 2015.

Most of us who had worked there were taken from a rival company who lost their contract to the new one

But after only six months of doing what we had done for over five years, we were escorted out of the premises like thieves

We had been lured by their fake promises of much higher pay, better working environment, stability, promotion and the likes but it was a scam; they needed our expertise and experience

Shortly after the company started operation, they kept recruiting more staffs and we trained them(for free), we thought this made us more valuable to them

So you can imagine how we felt when we were given sack letters and told not to return after we had worked our asses out on one faithful day 2015

Let’s leave the details of that story for another day. Well, I discovered fiverr soon after and the rest is history. One major advantage being a freelancer on Fiverr has over a regular 9 to 5 job is that you can’t be given a sack letter unjustly

Your account remains in tact as long as you don’t break the rules under their TOS, you should go through this document before you start offering your services so that you know how to conduct yourself, on there

If you are looking to brake the bank with income from fiverr, it might not happen but some people have built modest houses and bought affordable vehicles through funds they made from fiverr

The downside of working as a freelancer on Fiverr is that the company takes 20% off your profit for each job you complete and get payed for. In my opinion that’s quite a high figure and it should be reduced to at most 10%

Imagine someone earning five dollars for completing gig that took him 2 hrs and fiverr reduces it by 20%!

On the Upside, it is a platform that attracts millions of clients and if you are hardworking you can make a modest income from working on Fiverr

In my opinion, gigs that appear to be in high demand are IT related; graphic design, creating Logos, building websites, etc. You can also make good money as a writer, blogger, etc

You can create gigs and advertise them on social media networking sites like twitter, instagram and facebook to promote them and get you more sales

Most freelancers belong to multiple platforms so that when things appear a bit slow on fiverr, you can just switch over to another one

Your success on Fiverr, depends on your skills and how determined you are. You should do more than what is expected of you, to gain a very good reputation and win clients, they will also leave good reviews for you if you satisfy them with quality work

These reviews are often the key to increasing your sales, improving your reputation and winning you more clients



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