How to learn through wordpress

pexels-photo-265667.jpegI have owned a blog on WordPress for a few years now but I never entertained the thought of using it for anything other than making money

This is because some people who talk about WordPress outside it never truly tell us that there’s more to its use than that. It’s not like Facebook where most people know what it’s used for, I mean even the name FACE BOOK says a lot already

But with WordPress it’s a bit more complex than that. For a newbie, words like BLOGGING, HOSTING, WIDGETS,LINKS, TAGS, THEMES, etc can be a bit intimidating and for some, even confusing

Some social media marketers have succeeded in making people feel WordPress is more complicated than it is, the same people make you feel that it’s purely about business and making money. You can view some “Get rich quick videos on youtube” to confirm this for yourself

So when I started and I didn’t make money like they said I would, I thought all kinds of bad things about WordPress. I’m quite sure some of you have felt the same way too at some point

I’m still wondering why people don’t give this amazing website some more credit than it’s getting. So far, i have been surprised to discover that people build business relationships and make friends around the world here, that’s not what those social media marketers tell us out there

Are you having a bad day? There’s enough inspirational and motivational blogs on here that will get you through your life time. Just follow any blogger you like or as many as you want in those niche

I recently decided to give it another try, this time I have no intention of making a dime, I only want to learn, to give back and also build a portfolio while at it

WordPress is a resource where you can learn almost anything. You can learn about Egypt, India, Canada and other countries from people who’ve been there. It’s helpful getting all the information you need before making the journey yourself

Are you looking for healthy recipes or how to save cost on preparing meals for your family? Just type these questions on your search button and WordPress will present blogs of people who have the answers to your questions

Do you need tips on managing your finances or do you want to grow your knowledge on cryptocurrencies? WordPress bloggers will not only teach you but they’ll show you what to do and how to start

I learned more about twitter, instagram and other social media sites than I’ve done on any other website. People seem ready to help with any information we need because that’s the only way they’ll get more views and followers

So if you are ready to learn, WordPress bloggers are ever ready to teach you



One thought on “How to learn through wordpress

  1. I agree. As a first time user, I feel intimidated by it. Even the email from WordPress screech intimidation – I don’t wanna know how I’m failing at monetizing my writing LOL but I’m glad I stumble into this. ❤

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