What successful women know

pexels-photo-903770.jpegAs the years have passed I’ve grown to understand that things in life follow patterns

If we want to be successful we must do what others have done before us. Like King Solomon in the Bible says “There’s nothing new under the sun”

people who have excelled, have consciously or unconsciously learned from others. If we follow examples left behind by others we would most likely get the same results

One woman I have grown to admire in this life is my late mum. Now that she is no more, I have finally understand that what she achieved while on earth was quite exceptional

As a woman myself I know how difficult it is to become financially successful in a man’s world. These days it seems much easier for us than it was for women who are now in their fifties and upwards because most societies clearly defined male and female roles and for a woman to step into the world of men who were the primary breadwinners it was something exceptional

My mum left behind properties, lands and assets. She didn’t leave in vain “She came, she saw and she conquered”

What were her secret?

  • She was determined,
  • She didn’t let society define her role or restrict her
  • She grabbed opportunities as they came her way, she was thrifty
  • She saved
  • She invested
  • She improvised
  • She was good at making tough decisions
  • She sacrificed

These are the secrets to my mums success and from reading about the lives of other successful women among whom is one of my role models Jenny Pitman I find these patterns playing out again in their lives

The journey to success is not easy especially if you are a female from humble backgrounds. It takes a lot to pull oneself out of where life has placed you but it’s possible as women like my mum have shown, we only need to follow their examples to achieve what they did

Adieu, mama my hero

Do you have any successful women in your lives?


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