Feeling better after Mass

WP_20180227_18_09_38_ProMy apologies if you aren’t religious, I don’t mean to make anyone uncomfortable with “religious rants” as you may say

But I must confess as a Catholic, attending mass is like a drug that makes everything fall into place

Having a bad day? Give it a go if you can, attend a Catholic mass. Don’t go with any hidden critical thoughts in your mind about whether God exists or not or how the Priest’s sounds judgmental

please don’t do this because it will affect the way you feel afterwards. If you can push those criticisms behind you and just attend the mass with a childlike innocence

Enjoying the Hymns from the choir stand, the words of the gospel from the first and second reading and of course the gospel itself, you will feel a lot better than you felt when you entered in the first place

Documented Stats show that people who attend masses regularly are less likely to have heart diseases. From my own lay observation I think this is true

After about 10 years of leaving my old parish due to work, I came back recently and everyone I’ve met in Church so far look like they haven’t added a day to their ages, some look quite younger than I can remember

These are not just one time Church attenders though, they are people who make attending masses an almost daily affair

For me, it’s definitely a stress reliever. I feel like I leave the weight of the world I carry sometimes outside the entrance door of my local parish and when I leave I forget it there then gradually pick up new ones and forget it at the entrance again and again

As long as we live, we’ll always have baggage to carry, so it’s essential to have a place where we can just dump them from time to time, it tends to make life easier and less complicated

What do you do to relieve stress ?


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