Time management strategies for TV addicts

WP_20180222_15_40_38_ProI used to pay my TV monthly subscription regularly until I read a book by Brian Tracy titled “Eat that Frog” which teaches about time management

The book lays emphasis on the idea that time is the key factor in our lives and to achieve anything meaningful we must apply its use appropriately

If you don’t want to be a movie star entertainment/sports blogger or film/Tv critic what excuse do you have for spending almost 24 hrs of your day in front of a Television set like some of us do?

Perhaps you are someone like me who has got some free time in your hands? It still doesn’t justify spending so much time watching Reality Shows, Sitcoms, Soaps and other such programmes on Television

For me, I knew i had to change my ways by developing new positive viewing habits which will help my career and personal life

Did it work? Yeah, sure it has, so far I have saved more money and spent my time more purposefully by reading books, learning new skills and of course following my passions for cooking and surfing the internet for valuable information

After several calls made to entice me back to subscribing for their service, a few days ago, I received a text message from the Satellite TV company offering me 3 months free subscription

Will i take it? You bet i will and you should too if you get such an offer, because it’s a gift and most of us like freebies but here’s what I’m going to do, I’ll use their free subscriptions and still stick to my 3hrs a day viewing plan(I did this successfully throughout 2017, some days I even watched less than that)

If I don’t find any worthwhile programmes that will benefit me physically, mentally, spiritually and of course FINANCIALLY within the daily viewing limits I have set for myself I will not risk subscribing for more months when the 3 months expire . I would rather not watch TV at all than waste time

If you are having trouble managing your time appropriately, I recommend this book by Brain Tracy “Eat that Frog”

You will learn how to identify things that steal your time – like TV addiction and how to use it more meaningfully

Which valuable TV programmes would you recommend for someone like me who has set restrictions on daily TV viewing time?


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