Using YouTube to succeed

If you are someone like me who enjoys watching videos online then you are in for an amazing discovery

Life is quite tricky and sometimes we find ourselves doing things we shouldn’t be doing.

It’s like there’s a magnetic pull to use things wrongly although it doesn’t appear wrong at the time but the adverse effects on us ends up being negative

For example marijuana is medicinal and it’s good for pain relief in moderate proportions but abusing it by taking it in high doses seems to be the better option for addicts

Most of us are addicted to something and most times our addictions aren’t good even though they could be and this depends on how we apply it in our lives

Like being addicted to reading isn’t bad, is it? But some are addicted to reading porn, you can be the judge of that

I’ve  discovered that if we don’t make deliberate efforts to make the most of the things we get easily we tend towards gaining nothing or harming ourselves by the same things that could have been beneficial if we used them purposefully

YouTube can be addictive especially if data is cheap in your locality and it can be a major time waster; watching endless videos just for entertainment is not the best use of time.

When I had access to unlimited data I found myself watching entertainment videos for most of the day rather than learning to build my financial knowledge or learning knew skills which I personally think is great for

A world of opportunities is opened to us via watching youtube videos and following gurus on their channels but it can be hard to do when we see those enticing entertainment videos that can steal our time

With you can get educated on virtually every known topic on things like finance, love and life. This to me are the aspects of living that give meaning to our existence on earth

Since I became a fan of I’ve saved money which I would have otherwise used in paying for trainings and seminars to learn new skills, I have also made money by learning skills and tips on YouTube, I have changed my career and I’m constantly motivated by the lives of successful people I follow on their YouTube channels

Are you a fan of YouTube, how has it affected your success in life so far?


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