Travelling with Travelstart

At first I was unsure, I hadn’t used their services before and I didn’t want to try for fear of losing my hard earned money

It’s not like I hadn’t heard of them before, I had, but I was still a bit wary because some years back I booked a ticket online, far ahead of my travel date(so i could get a good deal). But as the date drew nearer I couldn’t travel due to some immediate needs.

I was unable to readjust the date i had booked because the travel company said it wasn’t possible due to do the kind of ticket I had purchased

I remember making several calls to the ticketing company but I kept being posted so I finally gave up and lost all  the money I had paid for the flight ticket. Since then, I’ve been quite wary of purchasing tickets online especially far ahead of my travel date as I used to do before

I prefer purchasing flight tickets close to my travel date so that I don’t lose money again. Yes, I know that I can get a flexible ticket that allows changes to be made but I have a habit of being thrifty and many online flight deals allow me make the most of this habit because they are cheaper

But do I want to avoid losing money while still trying to be frugal? Of course I do but I’ve learned my lesson now that’s why I decided to do business with

With travelstart you get the best possible online flight deals and still get these deals close to your travel dates as you desire so you can purchase tickets knowing for sure that you will be traveling on the travel date and their online tickets are flexible as long as you reschedule 24hrs before your travel date

For me, doing business with travelstart has been smooth, simply click on to purchase your next flight ticket to any destination of your choice. You will receive an instant text message after you book online and also acknowledgement emails will be sent to you through email

Have you purchased a flight ticket from travelstart, what will you rate them?


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