How to be the richest man in Babylon

On my 21st birthday some years back, my late dad gave me a present

I was used to receiving expensive ones from him but this was the first time he wrapped a little book and gave to me as a gift

I was disappointed but I never knew the impact that this book will make in my life. From then on I became a motivational book avid reader and this journey led me to a book titled “Richest man in Babylon”

I’m not surprised at the record number of sales that this book has made so far because it’s worth it.

One valuable lesson I learned from reading “Richest man in Babylon” is the act of investing. Before reading the book I hadn’t thought much about it but afterwards I have learned over the years to invest no matter how small I feel the return on investment may be

Another book I will recommend for keeps is “Rich dad poor dad” this book made me more aware of how money leaves and is retained in our lives; through the acquisition of Assets and Expenditures.

What is your idea of wealth? Personally, I think being wealthy is being debt free, having incoming income through your investments, being able to meet your needs as well as those in your care and still having enough for charitable purposes

If you share my view on wealth then you know that you don’t have to be on the Forbes list of richest persons to be  classified as wealthy

Becoming one of the “Richest man in Babylon” is a reality for some, many of whom have been inspired by the knowledge left behind through great men and women writers who generously share their wisdom with us

What have you learned from reading both books?





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