Stay safe with Steelers bullet proof doors and windows

Hello Mr. Robbin,

I hope this letter meets you well. I recently heard of two burglary cases that happened close to your residence. The one that happened a few days ago at 34 Boulevard lane, by Queens Drive Maryland was pathetic. An armed burglar went into the home of a young couple and killed both of them. The robber thankfully spared the life of their six-month-old baby, but now the poor child is an orphan, how sad is this?

This is why I always emphasize safety in our offices and homes. You see, if the couple had heard about our bullet proof doors and installed them in their house, I bet that armed robber would not have been able to find his way into their home. I heard he actually shut at the door handle to gain entrance. Unfortunately, the couple were listening to loud music on their stereo and missed the sound of the gun.

The other case was that of a little old lady who lived alone with her pet dog, this time two burglars found their way in through the back window, luckily her dog raised an alarm by barking and scared them off, but they gained entrance and if she doesn’t take precaution against a future reoccurrence it can happen again and this time she may not be so lucky.

I keep going on about this because I care, I want you to be safe, and a good way to improve your safety is to take proactive steps. I work with Steelers Gadgets, we make the highest quality bullet proof doors and windows you can find. Our doors and windows have been tested using submachine guns and hand canons and still passed without even a scratch to the surface.

Steelers doors and windows offer you safety in your home. You can now sleep with both eyes closed even in a neighborhood like Boulevard Lane. Our installation process is quite easy, once you order any of our products, you are offered free installation. We will send our well trained professional installers to fix any of our items you purchase at your desired location, and this is at no extra cost to you.

You also get a one year warranty after you purchase any of our products so you can be rest assured that we are with you all the way.

I can send you testimonials from our customers on request. Most people are satisfied with our products and services, you need to read what they say about us to understand why I want you to invest in it. You can find out if you call our service line 345–5436-9876 and request for testimonials, or visit and click on the testimonials tab on the dashboard.

You can order for any of our products by calling 438-3456-8435 Monday to Saturday between 7:00 am and 7:00 pm, our customer service staffs are always available to answer any questions you have.

Your safety is my priority, order now to avoid being a victim.


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