Unraveled! Secrets of successful people

When I graduated from high school, something happened to me, I experienced a change an experience I have come to understand that most enterprising people go through at some point in their lives.

I suddenly wanted to start earning my own income. My best friend coincidentally was also going through the same experience. While we were chatting one day she suggested, we should try participating in the forthcoming annual trade fair which was starting in two weeks. I thought it sounded interesting since she said we may earn about $20 a day, for me at the time, that was a lot of money, so I bought the idea and we made our plans.

You see, when we got there we learned we weren’t the only ones with this idea, they were thousands of job seekers all hustling for jobs as sales agents. I must say I was shocked on that day, but I decided to still go for it. Unfortunately, neither I nor my bestie succeeds in getting a job, and at the end of the day, we went home sad.

The next day, I called my friend, but she sounded different “I am not going there again” she said to me, she went on to tell me how she had decided it wasn’t worth the effort, and we should give up and do something else with our time “Like what?” I asked her, but she didn’t give any more suggestions. I made up my mind to go again the next day, and I did, but I had no luck. On the third day, I made a new friend “Nneka”

She was everything I wasn’t at the time, she was cheerful, enthusiastic, and optimistic, I was sold instantly. We moved around the venue together and I told her about the difficulties I had been experiencing in getting a job. She suggested we tried something different. I noticed something about Nneka, she was always looking for opportunities. We were having lunch that same day, and she saw a man with a tag on his shirt, she tapped me and got me to look his way. The next thing I knew, she was chatting with him and soon I joined in the conversation.

The man was an easy going lad, luckily he was in charge of recruitment for all the companies participating in the fair. Since most companies had already recruited, we were automatically placed on a priority list, if anything suddenly came up, we will be among the first to get it. Apart from this, this kind gentleman offered to pay us for the days we had been coming without succeeding in getting a job. At this point, I will like to add that unlike me, this was Nneka’s first day at the venue, but she still got paid in arrears.

Two hours later, we landed a job as sales representatives. The company we were to work for had a new product they were introducing into the market, also apart from our daily wages, we were to earn on commission. The owner of the company gave us a short training, we were also given  a target to sell about 10 of the items daily.

My first day as a sales agent was the hardest,  a few people called me over to enquire about the product. You see like I said before it was a new product so it wasn’t selling like other well-known brands. I was getting depressed over my inability to even sell one item, but Nneka was different, her smile never wavered. It seemed  she simply enjoyed the opportunity of selling and I could sense she believed the product could be sold, her enthusiasm and optimism was almost infectious but for some reason I was immune to it. Soon I couldn’t keep up with her pace and we lost each other.

We met again as I handed over the items  I was given that day. I hadn’t made any sales. I noticed Nneka submitted hers with the same result, she hadn’t made any sales too, but unlike me, she didn’t mind “We will do better tomorrow” she encouraged me. As I boarded a bus home that day, I decided it wasn’t worth the effort after all, and I never went back to that job nor did I contact Nneka again.

A week later, my best friend and me went to the fair for sightseeing,  shortly after I entered the venue, I met Nneka, she was her usual cheerful self and high in spirit, as we chatted, she kept selling the product, I couldn’t believe my eyes, this was a product that I had felt would never sell “A few people bought and used it, they liked it and told others about it, now all I have to do is just stand here and people keep buying and buying” she said to me. She also informed me that due to the amount of sales they had been making, her boss had offered to employ all the sales representatives permanently.

That one incident changed my entire perspective about life. I believe we create our own luck don’t you think so? Haven’t you noticed that optimistic people always succeed  eventually? Well, if you haven’t noticed this is to inform you that they always do.

If you want to be successful, you must be optimistic. I came across this nice article on how to become an optimistic person I think you might like it, here is the link


Here is another link I think you might also enjoy reading:


ps: I am  now a sales expert, thanks to the lessons I learned from that single event, I am 100% optimistic.


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