Secret of youthfulness

Yesterday I found myself watching youtube videos ones again. You see  I like listening to talented upcoming artists. I like the thrill of discovering new talents like Susan Boyle and the fact that lives can be changed by grabbing the opportunities to put one’s self out there.

I had been watching for over an hour when I stumbled upon a video of a lady called Lilli McCloud. You see there is something about her that draws you into watching her video. Maybe it is her ivory black complexion or her flawless skin, her slim figure or her shapely frame, I really cannot place a finger on it, but she will make you click on her video if you catch a glimpse of her(I am straight), no wonder she has over 15,000,000 youtube views! on her cover of Cece Winans Alabaster box.

It was obvious many of the audience hadn’t heard the song before, but Lillie’s voice held everyone there spell bound, I wasn’t surprised at all because it was strong, clear and youthful, yes very youthful. Ironically, Lillie is no longer a youth. When she was asked her age, she did what most women will not do, she told the truth. Lillie McCloud is 54 years old, but I could have sworn she was 25. She looks amazing for her age, you will never believe it, she is also a  grandmother!

I read through the comments on youtube to make sure I wasn’t the only one thinking this way, apparently everyone else had the same line of thought, one young man even called her a vampire, I don’t think he is too far from the truth(no insult intended).

One of my dreams is to meet Lillie in person, I need to know her secret, however, i have a few tricks up my sleeves too. No one has ever guessed my age accurately. I was recently engaged in an argument with a man who thought I was more than half my age.  We had argued about it for a while and so we had to call two more people to ask their opinion, well there all felt I was indeed half the age I am( I never told them my real age)

Just in case you think they are trying not to be rude, well no one has ever guessed my age accurately, it’s the truth

What’s my secret? I will tell you, but you first have to buy my ebook to find out. It only cost $20 and half of the proceeds from the sales will go to orphanages in Nigeria. Anyone else can look youthful, don’t ever entertain the thought that you cannot look half your age.

To place your order for my book, send me an email requesting my ebook titled Secrets of youthfulness, there you will learn all the secrets I have practiced and those I have learned from people who stay young despite their age.

What are you waiting for? Start typing your emails now.


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