Unlock your mind, realize your potential

I wrote a fiction book that you will like if you are interested in becoming who you are meant to be. I have always been fascinated by the Oak tree, its seed is amongst the smallest in the world, but when put into the right type of soil, it grows into a massive tree that lives for several years.

If you have been doing the same thing and getting the same result, it is time for you to change your game plan. You should read my book “Rotten apple” to help you understand what I am talking about. I have included an excerpt of the book in this post. I hope you find it an interesting read, but I didn’t write it to entertain you, I wrote it to motivate you to become who you are meant to be. Please read it

“Enwabu, you have to help me with my son, I fear for him” my mother complained to one of the famous native doctors in our village.

She had gone to him worried over me for fear that I might be running mad. I was about eight years old when Mamma decided that it was the right time to take me to him. Although I could sense that before this time she had certain bad thoughts about my behavior. I could tell by the way she looked at me that there was something about me that made her uneasy.

I never blamed my mother for her excessive concern over me, I was her first and only issue after eight years of marriage. As the second wife of my father my mother had been mocked by my step mother quite often. I remember my mother telling me stories of all the hardship she had gone through in the hands of Kabu. I remember often weeping when Mamma told me of how my step siblings inspired by their mother reigned abuses on her over her barrenness

My father being a quiet man by nature hardly ever interfered in their quarrels, he would simply stay in his hut and pretend like he was not listening.

When I finally showed up after eight years of pain and torture, my mother spoilt me rotten. I was her everything, and she showered me with more than enough love and attention. Mamma insisted on naming me Yeno which means “the sun” in my native dialect. I was a poor African boy from a small obscure village in Neegeria called Obaze, but I felt like the most loved child that ever lived.

“Enwabu help me” I recall my mother crying to the old man as we sat on a mat in front of his shrine “I will give anything i can afford if only you assure me that my son’s madness will be reversed” she begged as she used her torn wrapper to clean the tears from her eyes.

“It is okay Enem” Enwabu assured her “did you say madness?” he asked as he looked at me, his eyes staring directly into mine as if trying to diagnose the problem for himself

“Yes sir” he often stares for a long time looking at nothing interesting, his eyes are often focused on the cloud, besides this he constantly talks of how he hates being poor and how he will be wealthy one day, and Enwabu you know that this is an abomination for us in the Onyen clan. You know I can’t afford to let him think like this, what if someone hears him” she wept “What have I done to the gods that they should make my child like this?” my mother asked him then kept quiet as if waiting for an answer from the old man

“Not too worry” I heard Enwabu reassure her again while I sat silently feeling very sorry for my poor mother who was obviously having a panic attack. I was both hurt and confused by her behavior “What was my crime?” I wondered to myself, as I watched Enwabu juggle the cowries which he had been holding in his hands.

“Hmm” he sighed as he looked up from the floor ” I see a problem” he frowned “Your son is a rotten Apple, he is a dreamer” he announced ” but don’t worry, you and I know that his fantasies can never become reality. All Onyens have one destiny and that means to serve every freeborn citizen of Obazeland. It is what our ancestors have laid down for us to follow, and these laws cannot be broken. Since your son is still young, I want you to teach him these things, for he has a free spirit” he said this as he paused to look at me “You must place a barrier on him unless he will bring your family much trouble in future” he warned as he watched me steadily, his old bent lips bending further into a frown “remove the rotten part” he warned my mother again “Tell your son who he is, tell him about his lineage” he advised as he stood up from the mat ” your fee will be two white cocks and two shillings” he said to my mother as he slowly walked into his hut, his back bent with age as he moved with obvious difficulty.

You can read the complete story by following my blog and sending me an email, I will give this Ebook for free to the first three people that send me an email requesting for it. The price is $20 and part of the money goes to support orphans in Nigeria. You can place your order for the book by simply sending me an email.


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