You can now save over $14,000 yearly on your credit card transactions

Merchants, listen to this exciting news! If you used to pay thousands of dollars on your credit card transactions you don’t have to do this ever again.

There’s a new Sheriff in town! Stand alone terminals brought to you by Hybrid services in conjunction with Jetpay lets you save and save on all your credit card transactions.

Amazing! you pay only $35/monthly charge while each of your customers is assessed a little fee on each transaction. If your customer pays with cash the fee is waived, if your customer pays with a card the fee collected is used to pay the card fees you would have had to pay, saving you:

  • Time,
  • Effort
  • Money

Here is a summary of what I have been going on about:

An overview of account activity for statement period

Page 1: Total amount you submitted $50,000

Page 2: Equipment lease $99

Page 3: Monthly charge $35

Page 4: Total fees charges $134

The above is a typical monthly card statement using the unlimited processing programme. You get a total cost of only $134 and you as a merchant pay only $35 while your customers pay $99 in total. That means you and your customers pay only $1608 on credit card transactions for the entire year!

Apart from our stand-alone terminals that offer you amazing savings, we also have our POS Smart Register which offers the following benefits:

  • Integrated service that makes you dollars
  • Advertising Network
  • Bill pay
  • Digital phone cards
  • Domestic and International Top-ups
  • Consignment products
  • Includes support and training

All for only $199 per month!

Here’s how it works: Instead of you paying to accept cards a standard calculated fee is assessed on all transactions. The fee is waived on Cash Transactions, your Customers pay the nominal fee and you no longer pay to accept card transactions. We use the fees paid by your customers to pay all card fees, you save tons of $$$

If you are interested in any of these products, call me on +2349023608323 now!


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