10 Ways to grow your business by managing irate customers

I am passionate about listening to progress in businesses. As a business person myself I understand the ups and downs of growing a business and keeping your customers satisfied.

No matter how good your service or product is, you can never meet up to all your customer needs and expectation every single time.

I worked for a world class customer service company, we ranked among the top ten companies in the world for five years consecutively. We also won multiple awards in the process. During the time I spent working as a customer service personnel, we had to satisfy our diverse customers to maintain our high standard, even those that were apparently angry that things were going too smoothly for their liking, ever heard of sadists or attention seekers? at some point in your business you will have to manage them too. How about the perfectionist who knows it all and even takes to lecturing you, or the woman who is experiencing PMS(laughs) I am a woman, I know how we can be during this time.

It doesn’t matter how well trained your staffs are or how good the product you are offering is, if you have to attend to customers, you will meet the dreaded angry person at some point.However it’s not all bad news, if you learn how to manage your irate clients, you will win their loyalty, and a lifetime of referrals through them.

I have outline 10 secrets you can practice to help you manage hard to please customers and ensure your business benefits from them

Get more personal: Most of us will listen to a friend much more than we would a stranger, so the first thing you should do when handling an irate person is to introduce yourself to her if you haven’t done this initially. Use your first name only unless sh asks you for your other names. Your goal is to break the ice between you both.

Listen to them: when a customer displays emotions like anger, you must give her your whole attention. She will be watching you for the slightest reason to justify her anger so you must try to be genuinely attentive, because if she notices that you are not listening you will aggravate her.

Empathize with them: Put yourself in their shoes. You may not react the way they choose to react on the issue but genuinely feel for them. You will likely win her cooperation if she feels you are in this with her.

Please don’t smile: I have seen customers being aggravated even by a genuine smile. She kept asking my colleague if the situation she was facing was not important to her. When a customer is very upset, your smile can make her feel worse, please forget all the training you have acquired, customers are different and should be managed differently, smile with an easy going customer and she will be pleased, but smile with and upset customer and she will want to have your head on a plate.

Ignore insults: I have met all kinds of people some of whom insulted me even while I tried my best to please them and offer great service, my reaction? I ignored the insult. When I meet people who want to put me down by teaching me my job, I genuinely thank them for taking the time and effort. This is also when a smile can be precious to go with the gratitude. This has won me, several friends.

If it’s your fault don’t admit it if there is no one else the client can speak to: Why? because some people are unforgiving, and they may not trust you to solve their problem any further because you have already made a mistake once. Rather act sorry, remember she will be watching your body language, so let your facial expression show that you feel bad for what happened, but please don’t say “It’s my fault” if your supervisor or manager is not available to handle the issue from that point.

Take action: When a customer lays a complaint, do something about it. If you were sitting, please stand, move, act, let the customer see that you are trying to help.

Keep her updated: keep informing her of the progress you are making towards resolving her issue at least every ten to fifteen minutes.

Offer to change the product at no cost to her: If you have investigated and discovered that the fault is yours, you can offer to change the product for free, or an extra service at no cost to her. You can then apologize to her for all the inconveniences and any other distress she has had to go through in the process.

Call her later: Yes the issue has been resolved and the customer may be satisfied with your service, but don’t leave it at that. Call her to check she is satisfied with the product.

I can guarantee that nine out of ten irate customers who you applied these methods with will never forget you and your business. You will win their loyalty.

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