Time management strategies for TV addicts

WP_20180222_15_40_38_ProI used to pay my TV monthly subscription regularly until I read a book by Brian Tracy titled “Eat that Frog” which teaches about time management

The book lays emphasis on the idea that time is the key factor in our lives and to achieve anything meaningful we must apply its use appropriately

If you don’t want to be a movie star entertainment/sports blogger or film/Tv critic what excuse do you have for spending almost 24 hrs of your day in front of a Television set like some of us do?

Perhaps you are someone like me who has got some free time in your hands? It still doesn’t justify spending so much time watching Reality Shows, Sitcoms, Soaps and other such programmes on Television

For me, I knew i had to change my ways by developing new positive viewing habits which will help my career and personal life

Did it work? Yeah, sure it has, so far I have saved more money and spent my time more purposefully by reading books, learning new skills and of course following my passions for cooking and surfing the internet for valuable information

After several calls made to entice me back to subscribing for their service, a few days ago, I received a text message from the Satellite TV company offering me 3 months free subscription

Will i take it? You bet i will and you should too if you get such an offer, because it’s a gift and most of us like freebies but here’s what I’m going to do, I’ll use their free subscriptions and still stick to my 3hrs a day viewing plan(I did this successfully throughout 2017, some days I even watched less than that)

If I don’t find any worthwhile programmes that will benefit me physically, mentally, spiritually and of course FINANCIALLY within the daily viewing limits I have set for myself I will not risk subscribing for more months when the 3 months expire . I would rather not watch TV at all than waste time

If you are having trouble managing your time appropriately, I recommend this book by Brain Tracy “Eat that Frog”

You will learn how to identify things that steal your time – like TV addiction and how to use it more meaningfully

Which valuable TV programmes would you recommend for someone like me who has set restrictions on daily TV viewing time?


Using YouTube to succeed

If you are someone like me who enjoys watching videos online then you are in for an amazing discovery

Life is quite tricky and sometimes we find ourselves doing things we shouldn’t be doing.

It’s like there’s a magnetic pull to use things wrongly although it doesn’t appear wrong at the time but the adverse effects on us ends up being negative

For example marijuana is medicinal and it’s good for pain relief in moderate proportions but abusing it by taking it in high doses seems to be the better option for addicts

Most of us are addicted to something and most times our addictions aren’t good even though they could be and this depends on how we apply it in our lives

Like being addicted to reading isn’t bad, is it? But some are addicted to reading porn, you can be the judge of that

I’ve  discovered that if we don’t make deliberate efforts to make the most of the things we get easily we tend towards gaining nothing or harming ourselves by the same things that could have been beneficial if we used them purposefully

YouTube can be addictive especially if data is cheap in your locality and it can be a major time waster; watching endless videos just for entertainment is not the best use of time.

When I had access to unlimited data I found myself watching entertainment videos for most of the day rather than learning to build my financial knowledge or learning knew skills which I personally think http://www.youtube.com is great for

A world of opportunities is opened to us via watching youtube videos and following gurus on their channels but it can be hard to do when we see those enticing entertainment videos that can steal our time

With http://www.youtube.com you can get educated on virtually every known topic on things like finance, love and life. This to me are the aspects of living that give meaning to our existence on earth

Since I became a fan of http://www.YouTube.com I’ve saved money which I would have otherwise used in paying for trainings and seminars to learn new skills, I have also made money by learning skills and tips on YouTube, I have changed my career and I’m constantly motivated by the lives of successful people I follow on their YouTube channels

Are you a fan of YouTube, how has it affected your success in life so far?

Looking for a forum to share your Christian beliefs?

As an internet addict, I always seek for ways to make the most of my religious experience online

http://www.christianforum.com is one forum I recommend to every Christian who like me, spends most of their valuable time on the internet

With millions of active members from all over the world, updates on http://www.christianforum.com gets conversational most often than not. It definitely feels like you are chatting with real people rather than posting to an anonymous audience

One particular forum I like on there is the Christian advice section, a place where Christians can share their secret thoughts and not be judged by it. Instead, you are given a shoulder to cry on and valuable advice to help shape your life.

I have gained a lot over time especially when I’m seeking immediate response to issues during times of uncertainties.

Another forum I like is the life forum where you get a  peek into the thought process of people within your age bracket. This age range is from teens to eighties and even nineties, each having their own refuge places, it’s separated into decades with funky names like “terrific thirties” and the likes

There are several other forums on the website that will definitely meet your peculiar needs and help you spend more meaningful time on cyber space

Through http://www.christianforum.com you’ll discover that you are not alone, many people share similar problems, struggles and pain. I recommend this website for any one seeking online wholesome company, advice and knowledge

Have you visited http://www.christianforum.com, what was your experience?

Travelling with Travelstart

At first I was unsure, I hadn’t used their services before and I didn’t want to try for fear of losing my hard earned money

It’s not like I hadn’t heard of them before, I had, but I was still a bit wary because some years back I booked a ticket online, far ahead of my travel date(so i could get a good deal). But as the date drew nearer I couldn’t travel due to some immediate needs.

I was unable to readjust the date i had booked because the travel company said it wasn’t possible due to do the kind of ticket I had purchased

I remember making several calls to the ticketing company but I kept being posted so I finally gave up and lost all  the money I had paid for the flight ticket. Since then, I’ve been quite wary of purchasing tickets online especially far ahead of my travel date as I used to do before

I prefer purchasing flight tickets close to my travel date so that I don’t lose money again. Yes, I know that I can get a flexible ticket that allows changes to be made but I have a habit of being thrifty and many online flight deals allow me make the most of this habit because they are cheaper

But do I want to avoid losing money while still trying to be frugal? Of course I do but I’ve learned my lesson now that’s why I decided to do business with http://www.Travelstart.com

With travelstart you get the best possible online flight deals and still get these deals close to your travel dates as you desire so you can purchase tickets knowing for sure that you will be traveling on the travel date and their online tickets are flexible as long as you reschedule 24hrs before your travel date

For me, doing business with travelstart has been smooth, simply click on http://www.travelstart.com to purchase your next flight ticket to any destination of your choice. You will receive an instant text message after you book online and also acknowledgement emails will be sent to you through email

Have you purchased a flight ticket from travelstart, what will you rate them?

How to be the richest man in Babylon

On my 21st birthday some years back, my late dad gave me a present

I was used to receiving expensive ones from him but this was the first time he wrapped a little book and gave to me as a gift

I was disappointed but I never knew the impact that this book will make in my life. From then on I became a motivational book avid reader and this journey led me to a book titled “Richest man in Babylon”

I’m not surprised at the record number of sales that this book has made so far because it’s worth it.

One valuable lesson I learned from reading “Richest man in Babylon” is the act of investing. Before reading the book I hadn’t thought much about it but afterwards I have learned over the years to invest no matter how small I feel the return on investment may be

Another book I will recommend for keeps is “Rich dad poor dad” this book made me more aware of how money leaves and is retained in our lives; through the acquisition of Assets and Expenditures.

What is your idea of wealth? Personally, I think being wealthy is being debt free, having incoming income through your investments, being able to meet your needs as well as those in your care and still having enough for charitable purposes

If you share my view on wealth then you know that you don’t have to be on the Forbes list of richest persons to be  classified as wealthy

Becoming one of the “Richest man in Babylon” is a reality for some, many of whom have been inspired by the knowledge left behind through great men and women writers who generously share their wisdom with us

What have you learned from reading both books?




Shopping online with aliexpress

My first online purchase was with Aliexpress and after many years shopping online, it still remains my first shop for online shopping

For someone like me who is not only thrifty but also safety conscious and pays particular interest to quality, i recommend you visit http://www.aliexpress.com for your next online shopping needs

What makes me particularly attracted to this online shopping website is the fact that it has escrow service, this means that your money is not released to the seller until you receive the item you purchased and you certify that it is in good condition

I find it particularly useful to read reviews about sellers and their goods on offer before I purchase any item. This has helped me in reducing the number of incidents that might have occurred if I went ahead and purchased items from any random seller

It will also be helpful if you check to see if the seller has sold any products to someone in your country and how well it went. I also advice you to chat with every seller you intend to do business with before purchasing an item, this will help a lot in enabling understanding between you and the seller so that you can let him/her know your specific needs and if he will be able to satisfy you.

One thing I know is that shopping online with http://www.aliexpress.com can be good online express if you do a bit of home work.

One thing I know is that to get good bargain on online goods, try shopping online with them.

Why you need a copywriter

WP_20180222_16_07_00_ProI recently had an issue with a tenant who couldn’t pay her rent. She wanted to still live in my house but unfortunately for her, she couldn’t afford to pay. She called me one day and handed over 1/5th of the rent money to me. I asked her when she intended to complete payment and she assumed that I knew the reason why she has been unable to pay(how would I know this when she has never told me?).

Madam Lara, is skilled at manipulation. She knows how to get exactly what she wants even skipping her rent payment by reminding you of how she’s a widow, an invalid, needs to feed her kids and so on. Well, if I was going to get her to pay her rent or at least move out if she wasn’t able to without making myself look like a villain, then I needed to get the help of someone else.

That’s when I remembered my friend Tobi who’s a lawyer and works with a rent collection company. She had gotten past every other person I had asked to appeal to her conscience until then. For those of you who may be wondering “why didn’t just contact a rent collection company in the first place?” please remember that I live in Nigeria. Back here, we don’t always use one because it’s cheaper not to.

So, Tobi and his crew did the job in less than 24hours. Madam Lara paid up her rent without duress. I was shocked, but that’s just how some people are, to think she had been giving me excuses for six months up till then The moral of this story is this; I need to start thinking of getting a rent collection

Madam Lara paid up her rent without duress. I was shocked, but that’s just how some people are, to think that she had been giving me excuses for six months up till then. The moral of this story is this; I need to start thinking of getting a rent collection

The moral of this story is this; I need to start thinking of getting a rent collection company involved in this process. It might be the more expensive option as i know that  I might be able to get some tenants to pay up their rent on my own but for clients like Madam Lara, I don’t mind the extra cost

You might think writing copies is something you can do on your own, I have heard a good number of people say this to me, you might be able to get results if you attempt it but let’s face it, you can’t do it more than those who skilled at it

Copywriters are skilled at getting those hard to sell clients to buy into your idea, sign up for a Newsletter, buy your product, use your service and much more. I am available for you now, send me a mail now at scholachatcopywriter@yahoo.com.sg