How to dress for a corporate interview

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If you are about to attend a corporate interview to get that job you’ve been hoping for, you can’t afford to get this wrong

Humans are known to make judgement based on what we see. There might be more qualified individuals for the job, but if you look the part and they don’t, you stand a good chance of getting it over the others


  1. Don’t forget to take a bath even if you are running late. No one will employ you if they perceive an offensive smell, especially if they have options
  2. You don’t need a new wardrobe, all you need is to know how to match colors appropriately. If you chose to wear a suit, put one with dark colours. Dark blue, brown, green, grey and black will work well. For shirts and blouses, wear white or grey, these colors go well with the color of suit you chose to wear
  3. If you can help it, don’t wear clothes with patterns on them, plain colored clothes tend to make bolder statements about your personality
  4. Wearing a tie for guys is a must, if you want to look as smart as possible
  5. Ladies look good in a skirt suit a bit below the knee, also a dark colored short sleeves knee length dress will look good
  6. Your outfit must be properly ironed to make you look smart and business-like
  7. Your hair should be neat, a simple hairstyle for ladies will do and a clean hair cut for guys will work
  8. Wear comfortable shoes. Don’t put on shoes that makes you walk in an awkward manner. It affects the way you will be perceived and you wouldn’t look so smart
  9. Don’t wear bright colored shoes, chose a dark color that will complement your outfit
  10. Don’t wear too much jewelleries. No need to put on necklaces or bangles. A simple wrist watch and moderate sized earrings for ladies is adequate
  11. Use perfume sparingly. Do not pour it all over your body no matter how nice it smells, some people are allergic to it and your potential employer might be one of them

Dealing with a low self image

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As a child who thrived on validation, I didn’t get much of it

Coming from parents who both had military background, they didn’t understand why I was so emotionally sensitive. Looking back now, I realize that I’m miles apart from that emotional child who needed an explanation for everything.

Being overly sensitive in nature can be a set back to your progress and a havoc to your self image if you don’t learn how to handle it effectively. This can negatively affect your ability to generate wealth as an adult. Researches conducted on people with low self-image showed that majority of them end up poor as adults.

They also attract bullies in childhood. Many kids have taken advantage of other children who appear to be this way and have learned that bullying them gets the reaction they need to keep them feeling good about themselves

We can call out bullies and severely frown at their actions but statistics still show that it leads to suicidal tendencies in victims, also some of the affected people are not willing to share their experiences with anyone, which makes it harder to deal with the problem of bullying

How do you create a shield to protect yourself from those who seek to take advantage of your sensitive nature? A change of your perception, especially of how you see yourself is a good way forward. And this starts by validating yourself and your actions

Eliminating self defeating thoughts is a good beginning. Tell yourself those things you want to hear others say to you. Surround yourself with people who bring the best out of you, people who encourage you, make friends with positive minded people, read books that will expose you to reality and develop a relationship with your Creator

In the case of a child, spending time with an adult who has a positive mindset can help deal with the negative effects of over sensitivity. Participation in out door competition, especially the ones he or she is good at, is crucial in reversing the effects of his sensitive nature

Developing an understanding of human behaviour is very helpful in coming to terms with your expectations of self and others around you

How to make a good first impression

pexels-photo-936117.jpegDo you leave a meeting with nobody showing interest in continuing the business relationship afterwards, do you keep networking with potential clients with no significant success, do you have difficulties making friends in social gatherings?

It is likely you are experiencing the difficulties mentioned above because you do not leave a good impression when you meet them.

Don’t be too hard on yourself, it’s not entirely your fault that people are not eager to know you, some people are not interested even when you make the effort to reach out to them. Some are uptight and unapproachable.

But even with these obstacles you can still leave a good first impression in any meeting, gathering or social event.

The first step you should take is to dress according to the occasion. You shouldn’t wear a T-Shirt, jeans and trainers to a cooperate business meeting, you shouldn’t wear a skirt or trouser suit to a picnic, you should try to understand the acceptable clothing for specific events which you intend to attend

Secondly, you should make yourself as comfortable as you can. People will sense it if you are timid, uncomfortable, anxious, etc. It’s easy for them to perceive your emotions because you will be unconsciously giving them clues as to how you feel by your body language, so it’s important to make yourself relaxed and comfortable so as not to repel people who you might want to approach

Smile, this will make you look approachable and friendly. People are more likely to respond to you if you appear friendly.

Introduce yourself. Let people know who you are, tell them your name and what you do, ask for theirs in return to make them feel like you are interested in knowing more about them and what they do

Speak well and boldly. When you display a good command.of the language of communication being used, you are bound to command respect and attention. Speak eloquently and be bold, people will not easily forget you afterwards

If you can faithfully adhere to the above suggested approach you will definitely leave a good impression about yourself

Responsible use of money

pexels-photo-1035835.jpegIf you had a million dollars what will you do with it?

Some people will buy the latest, most expensive car that the money can purchase, they will take their friends on a spending spree, they will enter luxury shops and buy expensive items, they will swiftly squander the money on frivolities. This was exactly what the prodigal son did in the Bible story (Luke 15:11-32)

While some others will pay their tithe, give a percentage of that money to charity, contribute another sizeable percentage to medical research, sponsor the education of orphans and less privileged and carry out other philanthropic acts.

Which of these uses of money will be more meaningful to the humanity?

Many lottery winners have been known to become broke a few years after winning much higher sums of money. What could be the reason for this? Wrong use of money is the answer.

Money doesn’t last if it’s not wisely used. No matter how well you earn, you can still file for bankruptcy if you don’t decide on how you can manage its use more effectively. When money is used to impact lives positively you get more benefits from it

Knowing that your money is helping to make the world a much better place can help you become a lot more responsible in managing any amount at your disposal. You can never go wrong if you decide to help others with part of your income

For those who chose the selfish route, money will frustrate them one way or the other. When you use money to buy friends, the day your money finishes your friendship will end. When you use your money to purchase luxuries , the day your money finishes your expensive luxuries will have to stop and some sold off.

Start today to plan what you will do with large sums of money when you get the chance to possess it. It will help you in preparing and planning towards being a responsible rich person

How to increase your confidence as an entrepreneur

pexels-photo-326576.jpegMany of us were not born with a natural dose of confidence. If you are an average person then you will need to learn this as you pass through life

I know a lady who owns a small business but being a shy person she doesn’t know how to win clients and convince people to patronise her. By my assessment, she has a good business idea but she’s being held back from promoting it because she can’t face new people conveniently

Confidence is essential if you want to make a significant impact especially as a business owner and sole proprietor. You need this character trait to build and maintain relationships which your business needs to thrive and succeed.

You can have a great business model but due to lack of confidence you cannot present yourself well during interviews for loans, grants and other financial aids. If you cannot sell your business to others by the confidence you exude then your business might suffer

One of the first thing I learned Ehen I started my book business was that it was largely up to me to make sales. I had to make my clients trust my opinion on the books I sold, I had to smile, crack jokes, make them comfortable and make them like me enough to buy from me. All this required a confidence boost and ease when dealing with strangers

If you want to learn to grow in confidence first do some soul searching, also ask people close to you what they feel about your confidence level. You can take some free online tests that can give you a clearer picture of your level of confidence.

If you would like to improve your self-confidence, first learn to develop healthy habits. Change your diet to energy building ones, I also recommend diets high in fruits and vegetables

Then, try to maintain a healthy mental attitude. This can be achieved by surrounding yourself with positive things. Read good books, make friends with positive minded people, watch TV programmes that you can learn something good from, listen to positive messages

Become a positive influence in someone’s life. Volunteering tends to build your confidence because it makes you feel like you are doing something meaningful. This adds to your level of confidence by boosting it

Be committed. Learn to take this seriously. Whatever you set your mind to do, endeavor to do it with all your capacity, doing this helps to boost your confidence because you will feel better about yourself and your abilities

Be genuine. Being genuine is a sign of self acceptance which is an important quality required by people who need to increase their level of confidence

With the right level of confidence, your messages will be passed across to others more effectively, people will be willing to trust you easily as your confidence will speak for you. You will become more influential and your business will be more likely to grow with proper networking.

Education is very important

books-bookstore-book-reading-159711.jpegEveryone has favour some don’t recognise this, others think nothing of it, while some wait and watch out for it so that when the right time comes, they are fully prepared to make the most of it

My grandfather was a highly respected man but he wasn’t educated, when education was introduced to him by missionaries he was excited about it and wanted all his children to partake in it especially as it seemed to him that it would create a brighter future for all of them, which was his wish

He encouraged all his children to attend school regularly but not everyone was happy about this. Some missed the comfort of home, others complained that the teachers were too strict, some just hated school for no reason, a few couldn’t be bothered about attending

But it wasn’t all bad news, two of his children loved school. Both saw a bright future for themselves through it and so despite what others thought, they attended school regularly and excelled .

Scholarship opportunities soon came to students, both kids wrote their exams and succeeded, each one got opportunities to further their education abroad, which prepared them for good careers

I visited my village recently and I met a few of those family members who gave so many excuses for not going to school. I was sad at their plight. The two children who went to school are grandparents now, both have wealth and fame too.

Learn as much as you can, education takes us a lot further than we would go if one isn’t educated. I am of the school of thought that it’s never too late to learn something new.

Learn a new language, a new skill, keep discovering new things and you will prosper.

Building relationships, a secret to enduring wealth

pexels-photo-236239.jpegIn 2010, I attended a burial of a rich man. He was someone I knew quite well because he lived in my neighbourhood. In my community we know pretty much everything about each other (so I thought)

Mr. T was quite popular (I thought he was) people seemed to hang around him a lot, he was particularly good with the ladies( from my observation) even though he was married(I heard he was) and had children (I’m sure he did). He also had a successful business (so they say) and an active social life(so it seemed)

So I was very sure that his funeral service will be packed with people , all eager to sing his praise for haven touched their lives one way or the other. But to my surprise, I saw only a few people present on the day of his interment, and none of those ladies I used to see around him were there. I saw only a friend of his who it appeared couldn’t wait to leave for he disappeared even before the programme was over. His immediate family were present but not all his kids were in attendance, no employees or staffs showed up and I was quite puzzled by this show of coldness towards this man who I thought I knew well but didn’t

About two years ago, I was chosen to be honoured in church. I was excited, hopeful that I would have the support of friends and family who I guessed would be in attendance. I invited everyone I could reach and was excited on the day of the event.

On that day, only my immediate family members turned up and just one friend who I always had disputes with. To say that I was disappointed is an understatement, and while I was lamenting about the situation my sister told me to work harder on building relationships

I didn’t think much of her advice but I moved on and learned an important lesson, I had to build relationships and make people want to go the extra mile for me, not just because I needed them to turn up at my events but I want to have people around me who are willing to even inconvenience themselves for my sake. Why? You might wonder, it’s because if no one is willing to make sacrifices for me, I can’t make them grant me favors which I will need to move up from where I am.

“One of the challenges in networking is everybody thinks it’s making cold calks to strangers. Actually, it’s the people who already have strong trust relationships with you, who know you’re dedicated, smart, a team player, who can help you (Reid Hoffman)

Recently, I organised an event. Everything was well planned and as usual invitations were sent out. Many people who I invited showed up, in fact those who I didn’t invite still turned up for it. It was a really successful programme and I was happy about the turn out. They left other important affairs they had to honor my invitation!

It’s been two years since I hosted the last event which was a total flop, and the present one which showed me how much I was loved. What did I do differently to get people eager to identify with me? How was I able to change my previous story?

I learned to make everyone feel valued. I realized that I wasn’t letting people know how important they were to me, I had assumed they knew already but I was wrong, I had to tell them but not just that, I had to show them by actions too. I learned to be myself and to show people who I was. Some people are good at detecting falsehood and when you are acting or pretending, they know. I learned to enjoy people more, how did I achieve this? By letting love flow freely from me. I learned to consider people’s feelings by becoming more tactful so people don’t end up hurting because of me.

Mr. T, lived a long life and made many mistakes but I doubt he spent time learning from them. Material wealth makes life pleasurable to an extent but what ensures lasting wealth, is knowing that you’ve lived and loved as much as you could and receiving what you give back is something so valuable that it does make one feel rich

“Cherish your human connections: your relationships with friends and family” (Joseph Brodsky)

“The business of business is relationships; the business of life is human connection” (Robin S. Sharma)